Request resotre sc2 mafia points.

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    Request resotre sc2 mafia points.

    I formatted my laptop and all my sc2 mafia points were gone in Jan, 2019
    but I don't know how to prove it. I use to have above 10k points.

    Account name : Vamp
    Current Account ID : 1-S2-1-5940679
    Realm : NA
    Approximate Points : 10k
    Replay : I only have saves after formatted my laptop.

    Can you help me out how to restore my points?

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    Re: Request resotre sc2 mafia points.

    Found a replay from August 2018.

    Unfortunately, any later replay I have is after April, which is after your points loss.

    8142 Points 187 Victories 346 Games


    Happily Ever After.
    Flawless Victory.
    Divine Guidance.
    Last of Kin.
    State Of Religion.
    Disco Inferno.
    Mission Failed.
    Identity Crisis.
    Burn the Evidence.
    Judge of Dread.

    The following cannot be restored if I remember.
    Half Roles
    All Town.
    Half Neutral.
    Half Triad.
    I have no use for these bloodless minnows. Bring me a prey that will sate my bloodlust. I hunger.

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