[Abandoned] S-FM The Thing Part II (9P)

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    Talking S-FM The Thing Part II (9P)

    S-FM The Thing: Part II

    Contact with a research station located in the frozen wastes of Antarctica has been lost. As the last radio transmission was received several months ago, a special ops team trained in cold weather warfare has been dispatched to investigate and, if possible, rescue any survivors. As the soldiers descend into the abandoned outpost however, unbeknownst to them, a great horror lies frozen in the remains, biding its time for the proper moment to strike...

    Role List:

    The Thing

    Spoiler : Roles :

    Create a temporary 24/7 chat with a player of your choice. This chat lasts for 72 hours.
    Protect a player from an attack/conversion. You and the attacker will die in their stead.
    Incinerate a player at night, thereby killing them.

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    Re: S-FM The Thing Part II

    This is supposed to pick up where The Thing Part I left off.
    The mechanics are sorta different however.
    My notes:
    -There are 4 PRs at the start of the game, randomly selected from the list of PRs
    -There is no lynch on D1, the town must first elect a town leader who gains an additional vote and has to redistribute the PRs among the remaining players
    -When the town leader dies, the town must, in addition to the lynch vote, submit a vote for the Town Leader
    -Every day, the Town Leader has to redistribute the PRs; no player can be a PR on two successive nights.
    -The Town Leader may, once per game, use his ability to accuse a player of being a Thing. If they are right, the player immediately dies (vote count is adjusted accordingly). Otherwise, both the Town Leader and the player they accuse die.
    -Anyone may be given a Power Role, even a Thing (even on N0)
    -The Things share a night chat
    -A couple of hidden roles will be part of the game, nothing bastard though
    -Game will feature a night 0; on N0, Architects are allowed to use their ability.
    -In addition to gaining access to their PR's ability, the Thing gets a special ability depending on which PR they receive
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    Re: S-FM The Thing Part II

    Quote Originally Posted by yatharthmarketing View Post
    Thank you for the informative details given above. I really appreciate it. This helped me a lot to know about the new part.
    What the fuck

    Who is this guy and why is he banned lmaoo
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    @Stealthbomber16 is Light scum this game?
    you said he’s more passive aggressive as scum
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    Uh, SB16 isn't a part of this game
    Hopefully you'll get banned and hit by a truck.

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