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Thread: Elector

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    Re: Elector

    The mafia faction getting to day 3 with only town deaths can cripple the town. By that logic we should get rid of the mafia faction too.

    This role is genius and should be added in for a more flavorful game.

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    Re: Elector

    We reworked veteran even after it went live because of how it affect gameplay.

    I expect we'll need to make some adjustments after it goes up on the public test but I want to see how it goes. There are a few levers we can tweak including an option for the vote to only remain for 1 day or for the role to be unique etc etc.

    The thing about this mod and "op roles" is that this game is already a power role fuckfest. You don't see citizens, everyone hates crier, people lost their fucking minds about Fruit Vendor and we overbuffed coroner to the point it can figure out a game by day 3 and people still hate it - It's just a different kind of game so roles tend to be skewed towards having more of an impact than not.
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