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    weed Stealthbomber16's Official Guide to Horrendous Content

    Due to a sudden influx of two individuals who are upset about me being so flamboyantly superior, I have created this thread to explain what Horrendous Content really is.

    Step One: Where is this subforum?
    • You can find the Horrendous Content subforum on
    • It is a sub-section of the subforum Circlejerk, located under the Meeting Hall.
    • Simply enter Circlejerk and then click on the Horrendous Content button located at the top of the subforum.
    • Alternatively, you can directly press the Horrendous Content button located below the button that takes you to the Circlejerk page at the Meeting Hall.

    Step Two: What is Horrendous Content?
    To put it bluntly, Horrendous content is for content that is so shitty that not even circlejerk will allow it. This usually includes references to other people, and the horrendous moderation that I provide for this subforum. Horrendous content does not mean bad content, or no content. It just means that the content is so shitty that this is the true place for it.

    Step Three: How do I make a Horrendous Content post?
    This is quite easy! Simply go to the Horrendous Content subforum (see Step One) and press the "+ Post New Thread" button located at the top of the screen. It will take you to a new page where you can enter a title and a message to post. Once you are ready to post, press the Submit New Thread button under the message you've typed. Don't forget to press the post icon of NoctiZ! If you don't know which one that is, simply refer to the title of this thread.

    Step Four: How do I know if my content is Horrendous?
    • Make sure your content is not Horrific or Atrocious first. If it is one of these things, it will be moved to Circlejerk.
    • Horrendous content should usually contain the names of one of the site moderators, Stealthbomber16 or one of his alts, Arsonist, Efekannn02, Chalibluefin, Rachyl or Saint Joan of Arc, or mention furries. This thread now includes all of them, so it's valid.
    • Pictures alone are not Horrendous Content. That's lazy content.
    • Horrendous Content should not be lazy content. If you didn't put your best time into making this shitpost, then it's not good enough, bitch.

    Step Five: Okay, I posted. What happens next?
    Your post will likely receive attention from one of the 6 people who visit this subforum, but thats about it. If you have gotten more than 2 replies from Cryptonic, then consider your post to be successful!
    Tagging Arsonist and/or Efekannn02 at the top of your post under the "Tag Users" section is a great way to make sure your post gets more than 4 replies, as they frequently will jerk each other off in the replies to your thread.

    Happy posting! And remember, a shitpost is a good post, but a shit post is just a shit post.
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    Uh, SB16 isn't a part of this game
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