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    Heisenberg 1-S2-1-10188713

    Account Name: Heisenberg
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-10188713
    In-Game Name: - Santo Russo

    Crimes Committed - Intentional gamethrowing.

    Day 7 : There was a confirmed Jailor (#7 - Echo the IV) and a confirmed Bus Driver (#6 - Santo Russo) and the BD decides to guilty 7 in order to have the achievment «licence to kill», Triad didn't try to attack and town lost.

    It was an intentional gamethrowing.

    Thank you !
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    Why so serious?

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    -Mafia- (562).SC2Replay

    Account Name: Heisenberg

    Account ID:1-S2-1-10188713

    In-Game Name: Tough Times

    Crimes Committed: Game-throwing

    My account name: avien

    Summary: On day 7 he said "Do you want to execute him" knowing that I was Jailor, then he also lies about his role saying he is Witch then proceeds to have me lynched in hopes to get the achievement "Licensed to kill" and ultimately causes the game to be ruined for town.

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    Re: Heisenberg 1-S2-1-10188713

    Heisenberg:Correct. 1-S2-1-10188713

    Players Added to Report

    Respective Hotkeys

    Previous Offenses

    Heis is the busdriver 6. avien is the jailor 7. 13 is Aero the enforcer (vanguard).

    The game proceeds normally, so I'll skip to the part where it matters.

    Day 7:
    3 players left, 6,7,13. 7 is confirmed jailor at this point, and 6 is the confirmed busdriver. So both of them knows that 13 is the enfrocer.
    7 votes 13 and acknowledges that 6 is busdriver. 6 says "actually I'm no bd" and votes 7. and asks 13 to vote 7 which he did. and then says "I'm actually another witch, I will let 13 kill himself". 7 is lynched.
    13 obviously knows that 6 is busdriver, and decided to not attack, hence the game ends in triad winning.

    At the end 6 says "I underestimated you 13, you are smart" which means 6 was just trying to show off a kill on 13.

    Was the Game Result altered?
    Yes the game was thrown in favor of showing a fancy stunt, which failed.

    Player Offenses
    Heis: Gamethrowing

    Recommended Action
    2x Watch-list

    Additional Notes
    Thank you for the report. Achievement hunting is not considered when applying punishments.
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