GUIDE: In-game commands & rank unlocks

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    GUIDE: In-game commands & rank unlocks

    (In pre-game)
    -repick: Votes to repick the host to a random player
    -repick #: When typed as the game host will give host powers to a specific player
    -repick (color): Same as -repick #
    -colors: this will display players associated color title
    -default: Votes to use the default setup instead of using a host to pick a setup
    -alist: Shows what roles you still need to win as
    -save: Copies the host's setup into your bank so you can use it in the future

    (In game)
    -alist: Lists the roles that you have yet to win as (can also be used in dead chat)
    -clear: This will delete any last will you have written
    -not a noob: This will force the game to disable the "Player X is new" message at the start of games
    -prefer: This will increase the chance of receiving the roles on this list
    -blacklist: This will force the game to not set you as the roles in this list (If it is possible within the setup)
    -hide donation: This will force the game to disable the "User is a donor" message from start of games
    -unhide donation: This will enable the "user is a donor" message at the start of games
    -key: Related to activating donor status
    -magnify: this will toggle the size of the chat box
    -magnify large: this will set the size of the chat box to large
    -suicide: This will cause your slot to die at the end of the next night cycle
    -mute #: This is used to prevent specific slots from speaking to you (They can still hear you, Be careful when using this on living players as it can result in you making very uninformed decisions. Mafia is a chat based game)
    -death note: Typing this command will make any text that follows show up as a death note for some non-town roles
    -dn: Same as death note
    -last will: this will bring up a box to type a message that will be displayed when you die
    -lw: Same as last will
    -r: this will make you pm the last person that messaged you
    -pm #: This will send a whisper to a specific player

    (Dead Chat)
    -roulette # #
    : Starts up a game of roulette (max points is the square root of your points up to 736)
    -join: Joins the game of roulette
    -observe: allows you to watch the ongoing game of roulette
    -bet: raises the amount of points you bet when playing a roulette game
    -pull: pulls the trigger in a game of roulette
    -pass: passes the gun to another player in a game of roulette

    This is a list of chat commands. Note that to use them you must type in all lowercase letters. I pulled these directly from the map triggers and a hand full of them I had no idea existed until I read them. If any of them do not function as intended please send me a PM.
    Commands stated as -command # you must type in a specific players number to target that specific player in place of the '#' symbol

    These are the keywords to select executions:

    Spoiler : Firing Squad :
    firing, squad, shoot, line, bullet, gun, army, police, spray, automatic, group, team, bullets

    Spoiler : Sniper :
    snipe, shoot, bullet, gun, long, crack, assassin, sharp, ninja, hidden, far

    Spoiler : Electrocution :
    electric, chair, electrocut, shock, lightning, zap, over, load, volt, uber, watt, power, jolt, buzz

    Spoiler : Gas Chamber :
    gas, chamber, poison, choke, suffocate, cyanide, acid, shower, camp

    Spoiler : Hanging :
    hang, trap, door, rope, fall, choke, neck, snap, gallow, lynch, noose, mob

    Spoiler : Burned at the stake :
    burn, stake, fire, flam, incinerat, smoke, witch, immolat, char, ash, pole, salem, smolder, cremat

    Spoiler : Angry Mob :
    burn, molotov, fire, flam, bottle, vodka, alcohol, liquor, throw, mob, crowd, riot, group, team, work, game

    Spoiler : Microwave :
    micro, wave, oven, cook, explod, pop, gore, entrail, guts, radiation, radio, photon, light, bright, mess

    Spoiler : Mothership :
    mother, ship, space, atmo, strato, sphere, beam, planet, crack, protoss, alien, xeno, abduct, encounter, third, independence, day

    Spoiler : Dragon Execution :

    60 Female
    120 Scientist
    240 Prisoner
    360 Hunk
    600 Miner
    840 Sickman
    1320 Glowman
    1800 Rave God
    2760 Soldier
    3720 Warrior
    5640 Pobe
    7560 Hickbot
    11400 Ugly Dog
    15240 Dark Lord
    22920 Megafunk
    30600 Rasta
    45960 Diablo

    50 Adventurer Hat
    100 Funny Hat
    200 Cowboy Hat
    300 Suave Hat
    500 Afro
    700 Bamboo Hat
    1100 Seaman Hat
    1500 Napoleon Hat
    2300 Top Hat
    3100 Officer Hat
    4700 Captain Hat
    6300 Golden Hat
    9500 Operator Hat
    12700 Vizier Hat
    19100 Halo Hat
    25500 Beyond

    60 Ugly Dog
    120 Hedgehog
    240 Xenomorph
    360 Crawdad
    600 Cockroach
    840 Teenage Kardashian
    1320 Bane
    1800 Fat Cow
    2760 Turtle
    3720 Amy Schumer
    5640 Monster Train
    7560 Wasp
    11400 Bumble
    15240 Helen from Accounting
    22920 Hybrid
    30600 Mother of Zerg
    45960 Diablo

    Thank you @Helz for providing the commands
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    Re: GUIDE: In-game commands & Rank unlocks

    It's a secret noone that I know of has achieved to uncover. What a mystery :P
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