GUIDE: How to back up your bank file

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    GUIDE: How to back up your bank file

    STEP 1

    Head to the directory where the bank file is stored

    Windows location
    Spoiler : Path :

    Mac location
    Spoiler : Path :
    "/Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/application support/blizzard/Starcraft II/accounts/SOME_NUMBERS/#-S2-#-#######/Banks/1-S2-1-689689"

    In macOS, the Library folder is hidden by default. To open it, open finder and click the "Go" menu on the status bar at the top of the screen. Now hold down the option-alt keyboard key and a library option will appear in the "Go" menu. Then the next folder you go into is "Application Support", and so on; see the mac location above.

    STEP 2
    Copy the "Mbank13.SC2BANK" file into wherever you think would be safe or convenient for you, such as;

    • Cloud Storage services (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, etc)
    • A flash drive/External HDD
    • Another computer/laptop

    You can use software such as "Everyday Auto Backup"(suggested by Sureiya) to automatically copy the banks file/folder at set intervals of time to another location.

    To Restore your Bank
    Put the "Mbank13.SC2BANK" data back into your StarCraft II installation, go to the same directory from step 1 and replace the "Mbank13.SC2BANK" there with your backup copy.

    This guide was written by @Mugy I just gave it its own thread.
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    Re: GUIDE: How to back up your bank file

    I'd like to add that you cannot transfer your bank information from one realm (for example, EU) to another via this method. If you do that, it'll likely identify your bank as hacked and will wipe it.

    You should also never, ever tamper with the text file within the bank directly. It can result in unintended behaviour. I think C/Ping from one (backed-up) bank (the entire text file itself) to your actual bank might work, as I recall doing that before, but I'm not sure and I would advise against doing it.
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