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    JohnEveryman 1-S2-1-2975114

    Account Name: JohnEveryman
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-2975114
    In-Game Name: Djinni Vizier

    Crimes Committed: Game-throwing

    Your Account Name: Averis
    Summary: On Day 2, A player with the in-game name "Happy Tree" demanded Djinni Vizier be put on trial and voted him. Once he was put on trial he became enraged that he was voted and revealed the name and roles of the remaining mafia members including himself and said I would become Godfather the next night (which of course would happen) and threw the game entirely as shown in the replay below

    Game Thrower.SC2Replay
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    Re: JohnEveryman 1-S2-1-2975114

    ID Verification:
    1-S2-1-2975114 - Correct

    Players Added to Report:


    Control + 3


    Day 1: Nothing Unususal
    Night 1: Godfather Dies To Bodyguard
    Also , Beguiler Healed By Doctor
    Day 2: Town Votes Up Beguiler
    Once Voted Up He Instantly States His Role And Other Mafia Team Mates Role & Slot Number
    Also , States That 8 Would Become Night Immune Also True.

    Was the game result altered?

    Id Say Yes Because, If He Had Not Stated 8s Role 8 Could Have Carried On And Maybe Won The Game.

    Player Offenses

    Game Throwing.

    Previous Offenses

    Has Game Throwing On Hold https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...hlight=2975114

    Recommended Action

    I Recommend WL X 2

    Additional Notes

    Seeing As How This Is The Players Seccond Offence Of Throwing I Feel The Watch List Is Warrented
    If There Was More Id Suggest A More Stern Disiplanry Action.

    Thanks for helping to keep the game clean!

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    Re: JohnEveryman 1-S2-1-2975114

    I'll accept my punishment and try not to reoffend, I just wanna explain why I "suddenly became enraged" when put on trial day 2.

    "happy tree" called for me to be trialed randomly day 2 and it appeared people were just gonna ignore him and move on. This is when Averis joins in with happy tree and insists on me being trialed. I was angry to see someone on my team call me out and vote me up like so blatantly that I sold him out. And then after the fact Averis tells me that his plan was to gain credibility with Happy Tree who was suspicious of him and the town by lynching me as if I was supposed to know that as it was happening. Is this such a common strategy for mafia to sell each other out to gain credibility with town that the victim of this strategy is guilty of throwing the game if they do not go along with it?



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