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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    My 2nd Submission for MVP contest:

    Name in game: Boston (4)
    Role: SK

    I was thinking how can a SK be MVP. I thought i should submit this as some players in game were praising my good play (in the dead chat) as the SK.

    I was SK and was bus'd and silenced on N1. I thought it was a good opportunity for me to convince the town i was a mafia's target. Luckily, a spy also confirmed that i was a maf's target too. I thought, maybe i should just play like a townie and join their conversation as much as i can throughout the game. For the admin who is reviewing this, I suggest you check out the words i said throughout the game. I was trying to go with the flow, and say things like what a townie would. Keeping the discussion on when I should. I tried not to protect nor accuse anyone. I never got voted up. No one even ask me for my role nor lw. I thought i played well in this part.

    Not sure if the number of new players would affect this but you know - Most "new players" are not new.

    I still think my Escort play (1st submission) was the better one.
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    Re: Nighthawk's SC2Mafia MVP Contest: Winter 2018 Edition

    Congratulations to Danil, who has won MVP for his excellent and cunning play as an Escort!

    PQRnHack/Player has been selected as runner up for managing to overcome all odds as a sole mafia member after Day 2.

    Each player can reach out to me on the forum or in-game to claim their prizes!
    Thank you to everyone who participated!



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