Amended copy of FBT by MZ (Originally by Stealthbomber)

Fableblood III: The Return of Haloden

[9 Players]

A long time ago, in a tavern far, far, away, Haloden was murdered by the followers of Armadyus.
The followers of Haloden have grown, and it is time for revenge.

Role List:
Armadyus Follower
Armadyus Follower
Haloden Follower
Haloden Follower
Haloden Follower
Haloden Follower
Haloden Follower
Haloden Follower

Role Cards:
You have the ability to vote.
You do not know who your followers are.
The game ends if you die.
Armadyus Follower
You have the ability to vote.
You know who Armadyus is, but you do not know the identity of your fellow follower.
Armadyus is XXX.
Haloden Follower
You have the ability to vote.
Your goal is to lynch Armadyus.

Days last until someone is lynched with a 51% vote.
If no one is lynched after 48 hours, a random Haloden Follower will be lynched.
Roles will be revealed in the graveyard.
Last wills are not allowed.

Win Conditions:
Haloden Followers: Lynch Armadyus.
Armadyus/Armadyus Followers: Control 50%+ of the vote.

English only.
No invisible ink or password protected posts
No out of game communication
No editing posts
No direct quoted PMs from host are acceptable
Minimum 10 post count per day, with posts constituting more than 1 sentence and being of relevant content
Last wills are not permitted
No personal attacks on players
Images may be posted, videos may not
Threatened, attempted, or faked gamethrows are prohibited and will result in force replace or modkill at the host's discretion
Questions can be asked in Green and optionally tagged with a @mention, or PM'd to host
White will be reserved for host to answer in
Navy, Medium Blue, and Blue are banned.
All rule violations will be met with punishment at hosts discretion. Infractions on your account may also result depending on the severity of rule broken.