Ability Mash

Ability Additions
these are now going to be called Abilities, instead of Roles, since role abilities can now be mashed together

Proxy Killing
  • Compel other known teammates (or yourself) to carry out kills
  • Witches can't affect who's being sent
  • Grave Diggers just get to make the Proxy Killer kill
  • Option for team gaining faction kill ability upon death

Team Suicide
  • On death, kills half of the remaining team members
  • Doctor can save those heals
  • Obviously doesn't make sense to have this as a single ability for a person. This is added as a separate Cult Mechanic for Brave New World Mafia. I suspect it could be a popular ability for Cult saves.

Narrator Updates
  • Cult Leader now has the option to power up citizen recruits to an investigative ability
    • Power up fails if trying to power up a non citizen
    • If attempting to power up someone with an ability that a current or dead teammate already has, the power up will fail.
    • Power up happens automatically if recruiting an investigative role, and no power up is specified, and the power up doesn't already exist
    • This can be more generic if there's ever a request. Right now, Sheriff, Lookout, Detective, Investigator, and Coroner are hard coded in to be the power up options
  • Ability Mashing
    • Arsonist rewrite. Mashup of a role that has 3 abilities: Douse, Burn, Undouse
    • Amnesiac must be a single ability. no combining it with something else.
    • Ghost + something else is allowed, but when it dies, ghost can't submit other actions except 'possess'.
    • Names are unique to player names, teams, and roles now., aka no roles with same names that have different abilities
  • Added cooldown and charge usage modifiers
    • Applies to baker - how many bread they will be able to pass out
    • Cult cooldown triggers only on successful recruit
    • Janitor charges being used only on success
    • Executioner charges dictate how many times an executioner can get their target updated if their target is night killed. If it's not unlimited, executioner will either turn into a jester, or commit a nonhealable suicide. Default 1.
  • Mason/Disguiser interaction. Masons shouldn't be able to tell if a disguiser kills a mason anymore.
  • Janitor now has the option to learn the role of the person they cleaned, if they die.
  • Jester option for killing a single person on successful lynch removed
  • Jester option added for killing a percentage of people on successful lynch, rounded up. Basically, if you want to achieve the old functionality of 'single person', set it to 1%.
  • Executioner Updates
    • Added option for target is within the majority starting faction. Usually this'll mean that Executioner target is 'always town'.
    • Clarified text for executioner turning into a jester
    • Added end of game story logging for what happens to an executioner when their target dies.
  • Removed kidnapper, consort, and chauffeur flavor names from basic game, since that confuses new people
  • Grave Digger can now specify what action the deceased is to take.

Setup Modifications
  • Game of Thrones
    • Added flavor for armor and swords instead of vests and guns
    • Added Nurse. Basically a role that can either heal or role block, but can only use a specific ability every other night.
    • Put a starting vest count on town survivor
  • Brave New World
    • Completed Savage Godfather, with Team Take Down ability, Cult Recruit and Promote ability, and Proxy Kill ability and option turned on
    • Recruits are called cannibals flavor!!
    • Mayor is now unique
    • Fixed typo edits for vest count and cult leader starting charges
    • Bread is now properly called 'Soma'. flavor!!
  • Pirates/One Piece/Treasure Island
    • Rebel recruits are now called 'Revolutionaries' flavor!!

Narrator Bug Fixes
  • Cult leader text fixes
  • Veterans that used their ability on the night of their conversion no longer keep night kill immunity.
  • Survivors, Vigilantes, and bakers lose their personal items if they get converted, and they don't get to keep their role.
  • Fixed Architect bug where it wouldn't use bread when creating multiple chat rooms during the day.

Visual Updates
  • Added reset game ability for hosts, if the game is private
  • Added front end button to force end day/night for hosts
  • All chats are visible to all players when game is over
  • Tailor options are now colored
  • Masons now know who is on their team, on their role card.
  • Changed Snitch 'command text' to be 'Death Reveal'
  • Canceling breaded action now assumes you're still trying to submit that action.

Visual Fixes
  • Vent controller properly closes now.
  • Ghosts can now see their submitted actions.
  • No puppet list/selector will show if you have a single puppet and are puppeted/blackmailed. its just auto set now.
  • Team last wills won't show up in the previous night log
  • Removed Arsonist spam when setting it invulnerable (has to do with the multi ability pack that it is)
  • Fixed sending more than one person for the kill - happens when Disguiser has access to 2 teams with abilities.
  • Fixed a double chat bug, when switching tabs. It caused the first message to be pushed to the chat twice.
  • Closed dead chat after game is over.
  • Fixed bug when setting timer to 0 seconds left, but would still wait another 30 seconds

  • Mason chat to be more of a modifier. These roles get to be part of a custom chat, and the 'neighborizer' role, a new ability, would add people to that. Also having the ability fail or not on non towns, as a general modifier would be cool too.
  • Still would like to add 'infiltrator', a roles from Fragos's 5 sided setup. Also Maybe Marshall??...
  • Still, I would like to integrate Narrator with and Discord. It 90% works for Slack, so Discord integration should be easy. Maybe hosts will then use this for S-FMs? TBD.