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    Degra: 1-S2-1-4335198

    1-S2-1-816077 | LoBsTeRfOrK | Tied Up Sex Slave | 10 | Jailor
    1-S2-1-5917722 | Derpfestor | Metallica sucks btw | 5 | Vigilante

    I accuse those two in gamethrowing/skyping with mafia members.
    So literally what happened.
    Mayor died after lynching disguiser and leaves lw that CLEARLY says - 4 doc 5 vigi 10 jailor 14 escort. The night mayor died vigi shot 4, hit NI cause 4 was gf which he stated.
    After that, jailor jails 14(escort) - who is obviously not possible due to rolelist and don't even execute him and vigi shoots jailor "cause he deserves that". Well, he really deserves that, but both moves are considered gamethrow, because the ONLY vigi claim clearly stated 4 was gf, and vigi was confirmed due to night sequence sound and mayor's lw.
    So, basically both players did gamethrow, may be in order to let mafia win (2 of mafia members got achievments for first win with their roles)

    Another player i'd like to point finger at was 1 the escort
    1-S2-1-2945995 | Harvester | RedRick | 1 | Escort
    He visited CONFIRMED vet as and escort(!) the day after vet got confirmed. No witch or anything else inplay.
    There is NO REASON which could lead escort to visit a confirmed veteran, so this should be considered gamethrowing.
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    Re: 1-S2-1-816077 LoBsTeRfOrK, 1-S2-1-5917722 Derpfestor

    @Redrick ,

    The replay posted in your report does not correlate to the game described, nor does it have all the players reported in it.
    Please see if you can find the correct replay and post it in this thread to continue with the review.
    If the appropriate replay is not posted within one week from today, this report will be marked as ignored.
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    Re: 1-S2-1-816077 LoBsTeRfOrK, 1-S2-1-5917722 Derpfestor

    ID Verification:
    LoBsTeRfOrK: 1-S2-1-816077 - Correct
    Derpfestor: 1-S2-1-5917722 - Correct
    Harvester: 1-S2-1-2945995 - Correct

    Players Added to Report:
    Degra: 1-S2-1-4335198

    LoBsTeRfOrK: Ctrl+4
    Derpfestor: 5
    Harvester: Ctrl+2
    Degra: Ctrl+5

    LoBsTeRfOrK chooses the name "Tied Up Sex Slave" and roles Jailor in slot #10.
    Derpfestor chooses the name "Metallica sicks btw" and roles Vigilante in slot #5.
    Harvester chooses the name "RedRick" and roles Escort in slot #1.
    Degra chooses the name "Jigglypuff" and roles Sheriff in slot #2.

    Degra immediately quits after receiving the role of Sheriff.

    DAY 1
    Normal Chat

    NIGHT 1
    #1 role blocks #5.
    #5 takes no action and is role blocked.
    #10 jails #8, who claims to be an Investigator.

    DAY 2
    #7 (Doctor) and #9 (Serial Killer) are revealed to have died from a Veteran. #7 leaves a LW saying he was visiting #6.
    #6 now claims to be confirmed and asks for roles and LW via PM.
    Spoiler : PMs to #6 :
    #4: "Im not french.. BUT i am doctor."
    #8: "Invest, got jailed last night."
    #12: "state government here, i am the authority figure in this town"
    #13: "Doc here N1 8"

    #8 is put on trial and doesn't publicly claim a role. #8 is voted guilty 0-3. #8 is revealed as a Jester.

    NIGHT 2
    #1 role blocks #6.
    #5 tries to shoot #1, but is role blocked by a Consort.
    #10 takes no action.
    #13 disguises as #15.

    DAY 3
    #1 (Escort) is found to have died from a Veteran.
    #3 (Executioner) died of a heart attack.
    #6 (Veteran) shot himself for lynching the Jester.
    #11 (Lookout) is found murdered by the Mafia.
    #13 is found dead.
    Remaining are 6 players: 3 town vs 3 Mafia.
    #12 reveals as the Mayor and asks from roles and LW via PM.
    Spoiler : PMs to #12 :
    #4: Doctor: n1 5, n2 10, n3"
    #10: "Jailor, jailed 13 night 1." "I meant 8*"
    #14: "escort n1:7, n2:5"
    #15: "bg n1:14 n2:6"

    #10 is voted to trial by other players and doesn't claim a role. Mayor votes innocent and #10 is found innocent 3-1.
    #12 says to vote #15. #15 is put on trial and make no role claim. #15 is found guilty 2-4. #15 is revealed as a Disguiser. It's noteworthy that #5 (Vigilante) and #10 (Jailor) voted innocent, while #12 (Mayor) and #14 (Consort) voted guilty.

    NIGHT 3
    #5 shoots #4, but #4 is invulnerable.
    #10 takes no action.

    DAY 4
    #12 (Mayor) is found murdered by the Mafia.
    #5 reveals that #4 is night immune.
    #10 keeps switching between jailing #4 and #5.
    #5 keeps pushing to be lynched "so this is finally over", urging #10 to vote him.

    NIGHT 4
    #5 shoots #10.
    #10 jails #14 and chooses to execute. #14 claims to be Escort and #10 changes his mind.

    DAY 5
    #10 (Jailor) is found to have been killed by a Vigilante, and also attacked again.
    #5 is lynched.

    Was the game result altered?
    Possibly altered by the role-quit from Degra. Game ended on Day 5 with a Mafia victory.

    Player Offenses
    LoBsTeRfOrK: None
    Derpfestor: None
    Harvester: None
    Degra: Role Quitting

    Previous Offenses
    LoBsTeRfOrK: None
    Derpfestor: None
    Harvester: None
    Degra: Cheating (WL x4), Bank Hacking (PB)

    Recommended Action
    LoBsTeRfOrK: Ignore
    Derpfestor: Ignore
    Harvester: Ignore
    Degra: Watch List x2

    Additional Notes
    All 3 of the reported players did not play very well, but that is not a crime; there was clearly no skyping going on, and they did not game throw.

    @Redrick : In the future, please stick to the provided report format instead of getting creative... It helps us read and review your report faster.

    Thanks for helping to keep the game clean!
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