Changelog 10/24/2017

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    Changelog 10/24/2017


    Role Additions

    Mason Clubber
    • Kills people that have been recruited into a cult
    • Shares night chat with other masons

    Mason Enforcer
    • Stops players from being recruited into the cult, or masonry
    • Shares night chat with other masons
    • One Piece FM/Treasure Planet FM updated to have this part of the marines
    • Option for learning names of people that try to recruit

    • Kills the first visitor that visits their target
    • Reveals name to all visitors of target
    • Does not kill/reveal to citizen. This is a non issue since they'll be dead anyway
    • For default games, this is like a Witch role. Survive until the end. See town lose.

    Narrator Updates
    • Added auto vests. Poisonings trigger this. Makes target immune to all attacks that night.
    • Added Modifiers! The following are possible modifiers
      • Role Charges
      • Starting auto vest count
      • Night Invulnerability
      • Undetectability
      • Unblockability
      • Unconvertability
      • Unique role
    • Charge modifiers won't show charges for roles like jester, executioner, citizen
    • Added ability to have different roles have different modifiers. For example, an evil gunsmith can give out fake guns, while a town gunsmith cannot.
    • Changed Mafioso's name to 'Goon' because it's confusing to have a Mafia Mafioso
    • Removed Blacksmith from default games. Gunsmith and armorsmith are probably enough power there.
    • Defaulting Mason Leader to have 4 charges
    • Jailing blocks culting and masoning now
    • Cult Leader won't tip off enforcers if target is jailed
    • Added option for making it obligatory for amnesiac to remember role to win
    • Added option for coroner to exhume targets, making grave diggers unable to autopsy them
    • Added option for Jester Annoying
    • Added option for bread to be passed
    • Added option for bakers to be able to use their own bread night of. Defaulting off since this is really only for Brave New World setup
    • Added option for doctors to save poisoned target from death.
    • Witch forces bread passing over role usage, and changes who intended targets are
    • Added bomb and blacksmith to possible roles in custom team creator, but won't be added in the default setup

    Setup Additions/Modifications
    • Added @clementine 's Brave New World Mafia/Cult Setup
      • Auto Setup for 15-36 people
      • Still missing a couple of features. The cult upgrade mechanic, and the alfas getting soma ability. Working on that next.
      • Made a change for their interceptor gives identity to all targets, even the first one that visits. nonissue because they'll be dead anyway.
      • Added Jailor and Agent to the mafia teams as possible roles to random.
      • Added Evil blacksmith to the Evil Neutral spawns
      • Added a limit of 2 poisonings for the Mafia poisoner. It doesn't need a bigger KPN
    • Setup G
      • Using modifiers, town gunsmiths cannot pass out fake guns anymore
    • Game of Thrones
      • GoT now uses auto vests in smaller games

    Narrator Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a formatting issue for Lookout's feedback
    • Changed text on stripper(escort/consort) indicating that it stops all attempted night actions that haven't been completed, instead of just all night actions.
    • Fixed Veteran and Survivor remaining invulnerable after game ends
    • Fixed a possible overflow feedback bug, causing game to crash
    • Added investigator to possible team roles in custom team creator
    • Fixed faulty gun setting a property of the dead target instead of the shooter
    • Fixed issue with ghosts getting option to shoot or vest after death
    • Fixed bug with ghost ending night and stopping commands from being recorded
    • Fixed AI to handle more ghost cases. Crashes and bug fixes, no new ai work.
    • Fixed bug where witches could cause Ghost to possess while alive
    • Better handling of Electromaniac/Mass Murderer interactions.
    • Fixed bug with ghost controlling disguised target
    • Fixed a bug where ventriloquists would get blackmailed puppets as actual puppets. Puppeting should fail on them.
    • Fixed a faction send bug with Grave Digger and Witch

    Visual Fixes
    • Swapped out inputs and check boxes from cards if your're not the host, and the game isn't fully customizeable in favor of text describing the rule
    • Fixed role card bleeding through on the team editor
    • Fixed architect/jailor unread notifications causing client crashes
    • Fixed lobby bug with unread messages when a player changes their name
    • Fixed bug where jailed people with a chat had messages leaking through to their chat that they weren't a part of. Caused client side bug.
    • Fixed Jailor/Architect button showing during the day

    • Role Mashing. Instead of me creating different roles, for different things, I would like to rework Narrator roles to think of roles as having abilities, rather than having an ability per role. This'll allow me to take apart Sc2's Mason Leader, for example, and make it into a mash of the enforcer ability and the neighborizer (detailed below)
    • Finish up Clementine's Setup. Theres a few features I haven't implemented, and I decided to go with the hardest one, role mashing.
    • Mason chat to be more of a modifier. These roles get to be part of a custom chat, and the 'neighborizer' role, a new ability, would add people to that. Also having the ability fail or not on non towns, as a general modifier would be cool too.
    • Still would like to add 'infiltrator', a roles from Fragos's 5 sided setup. Also Maybe Marshall??...
    • Still, I would like to integrate Narrator with and Discord. It 90% works for Slack, so Discord integration should be easy. Maybe hosts will then use this for S-FMs? TBD.
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    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)

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    Re: Changelog 10/24/2017

    I'll also post the auto setup changes for Brave New World if anyone's interested in giving tips! Otherwise, its too tedious to write out.

    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)

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    Re: Changelog 10/24/2017

    pushing updates tonight. everything's tested and good to go. Just adding some more executioner options, which go along with Brave New World's Mafia

    FM XVII: Bonney Jewelry (Journalist)
    FM XVIII: Kalou (Savage Godfather)
    FM XX: Joseph Bertrand (Marshall)
    FM XXI: USA (Escort)
    FM XV: Whiskey (Whore)



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