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    Rachyl: 1-S2-1-4370710

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    Rachyl admits to being a smurf of the account that was temporarily banned in this report.

    If you get temporarily banned, don't use a smurf to evade the ban. Either accept the punishment and wait until the ban is lifted, or appeal the ban in the appropriate thread.

    -Mafia- (203).SC2Replay

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    Re: Rachyl: 1-S2-1-4370710

    ID Verification:
    Rachyl: 1-S2-1-4370710 - Correct

    Players Added to Report:


    Suspicion is immediately raised about Rachyl due to the "New Player" announcement. Rachyl admits to using a different account since he was on banlist x2 for leave train. Although the account is actually older than the banned account (this one is 4370710 vs the banned 7711094), it has no bank file and appears to never been in a Mafia game before. Lobby chat speaks for itself (Rachyl italicized for emphasis).

    00:08 [Sc2Maf]Malice lol is rachyl a new player?
    00:10 [Rach]Rachyl LMAO!!!!!
    00:10 [CHOOOO]taco oh yeah bb
    00:10 [EfeM]zurgslayer im not fking new
    00:11 [Sc2Maf]Omegasaur ayyyyy I just barely made it in
    00:14 [Sc2Maf]Malice lol rachyl isnt new
    00:17 [APK]RoosterSmash [Lobby] traps are gay
    00:19 [Rach]Rachyl my other account got banned
    00:20 [EfeM]zurgslayer my dog is chasing her foot...
    00:21 [Sc2Maf]Renata -prefer Executioner, WItch
    00:21 [Rach]Rachyl so im on this one
    00:22 [APK]RoosterSmash i wonder why
    00:24 [Sc2Maf]Malice why rachyl?
    00:24 [APK]RoosterSmash lol
    00:26 [EfeM]zurgslayer PUT CULT IN
    00:27 [Rach]Rachyl for leave training
    00:32 [Sc2Maf]Malice that sucks
    00:33 [EfeM]zurgslayer PUT CULT AND MASONS
    00:33 [APK]RoosterSmash maybe dont be a faggot next time
    00:35 [Rach]Rachyl yep
    00:35 [Sc2Maf]Malice rachyl for life

    Was the game result altered?
    No. Although Rachyl began the game by asking if anyone would leave, he did not while alive, and neither did anyone else.

    Player Offenses

    Previous Offenses
    None on this account, however Rachyl's other account 7711094 is currently on banlist.

    Recommended Action

    Additional Notes
    This is an original Rachyl account the he continues to use in-game to evade the ban. He is also accused separately of numerous smurfs called "NotRachyl" to ruin games found in this report.

    Thanks for helping keep the game clean!

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