Changelog 9/11/2017

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    Changelog 9/11/2017


    So I haven't posted updates in a really long time. And that's because I wanted to add in the Blacksmith role, and was working on that. Unfortunately, it required me to make some client updates that are always so error prone.

    I had ENOUGH of this.

    At first, I looked into front end testing just for the Blacksmith. It worked out, so I decided to use the front end testing on my existing tests. There are FIVE HUNDRED. So for the past month, I've been working through that. And to successfully run all those tests in sequence, it takes 10 hours. But now I know that every test I've written in code, works on the browser, no problems. I think the only thing I might have missed was how the client tells you that you've submitted the action(aka proper bubble highlighting) but just know the action DOES SUBMIT! So yeah, any new client bugs won't ever happen again once caught.

    Role Additions

    • Basically the reverse Bus Driver. Takes all the actions of one person, and switches the intended targets with another. It leaves the same feedback as Witch and also made it an evil role for super extra wifom flavor. So example. Say a person is shooting their gun and checking someone if they're mafia. And say another bus driver is picking up two people. The operator will switch the shooter's targets with the bus drivers. Hope this action makes sense

    • Role that can give out vests and guns at the same time. Nothing super special here. There's a neutral evil role for this too.

    Setup Additions
    • Day Action Game

    Narrator Updates
    • Fixed a poisoner typo
    • Doctor's will now perform their heals in order
    • Fixed a bug with mafia's factional kill cooldown not properly resetting
    • Fixed an issue with jailor and snitch feedback selection
    • Fixed an issue where doctors would give two identical feedbacks when only saving one
    • 'You've been healed by a doctor!' DRUG will now give immune targets the feedback of 'Someone tried to attack you last night'!
    • Jailors can still jail even if they're out of executions
    • Dead players no longer receive their feedback
    • Fixed an issue when changing who gets the factional kill ability

    Visual Updates
    • Added sound!
    • Added narration for people's deaths
    • Puppeted players will no longer be able to see the chat input bar
    • Ventriloquists can now select who they want to speak as. I never did the visuals for it. And I'd like to test it.
    • Added chat 'pings' for when a player types
    • Plus/Minus no longer bleeds through when scrolling
    • Fixed a bug when trying to cancel who you're sending for the kill
    • Added scroll support for submitting a lot of actions if you ever get a shitton of bread
    • Tested the FUCK out of action submissions. Tailor, Grave Digger, Blacksmith, all got reworked so its easier to manage
    • Added executioner, mass murderer, survivor, and assassin role pictures. Thanks @Mesk514
    • Unclicking a selected corpse target will collapse the available targets until you click another dead person to target
    • Suits will now properly display in the graveyard
    • Postgame chat will no longer be recorded for game recording
    • On/off actions will no longer toggle when clicking a highlighted selection

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    Re: Changelog 9/11/2017

    Keep up the good work Voss! Always proud to see this project continuing!
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