Looking for testing input and next steps

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    Looking for testing input and next steps

    Hey everyone,

    So I've finished everything I've wanted to do for Narrator 1.0 and I'd like to start tests and/or publicizing the game.

    Does anyone have any ideas/input on this?

    Here are some of my goals/thoughts:

    Weekly Testing
    Ideally, I'd like to host some weekly games with (3) goals.

    1. See if there are bugs that players can find.
    2. Look for obvious suggestions. I'm not done developing, but I think its in a releasable state.
    3. Fun. I wrote the app, and now I'd like to use it.

    I'm not sure how I should organize testing. The first time I did a test run on the site, was about 14 months ago. I got about 10 people to show up, just from the site. A few months ago, it was tough to get more than 4 people, and that was also with me pulling in some friends.

    My first reaction was to start testing 3 times a week starting tomorrow. Now I realize, that I might not get very many people. Maybe it'd be better to hold off until August, and not only publicize here. Or maybe I should just try to host an SFM.

    I'm also looking for ideas for the sake of publicizing, and not just testing. When this was an Android app, the Play Store gave me the opportunity to publicize because people could search up mafia, and come across my game. With it off the Play Store, (for now), I probably have to put in a bit more legwork.

    I was thinking about the following 4 places.
    1. Plug on the SC2Mod for the organized playtest time from above. I'm not sure how the mods will feel about that.
    2. Posting on other forum mafia sites. (in the worst case that no one responds to my post here, I'll HAVE to do this anyway).
    3. Reddit. Something I've never used before, but social confirmation bias indicates that it'd be good portal to use.
    4. Kickstart. A well written kickstarter promo in a bid to hire developers to greatly expand some of the features I want to implement.

    So. Thoughts?

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    Re: Looking for testing input and next steps

    im sure you'd find people through the mod. @Helz
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