Changelog 4/4/2017

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    Changelog 4/4/2017

    Pillow Talk Update 1.5 or Let me out of here! 1.5

    Visual Updates
    • There's a bulletin with the discord logo on the front page now.
      ]*]Chat tabs have been reworked. You'll automatically get pushed to the newest tab each phase change.
    • Added new role pics
    • Jailors will now see who they've targeted during the day
    • Jailors will have no 'button' to press (like mayor has a reveal button)
    • Captives will now not know the difference between Jailor/Kidnappers
    • Fixed talking in chats that aren't active anymore (like d3, when its d6)
    • Jailor captives will be informed that they can't submit actions.
    • Can now edit the number of executions jailors have.

    Lobby updates/fixes
    • When joining via a link, you'll join the game if it's not full
    • Inactive people will no longer join the global lobby upon a kick

    Other 'core Narrator logic' fixes
    • On days with no kills, there'll be a message reflecting that.
    • Patched veteran alters, survivor vests, arsonist burns
    • Patched jailors untargeting
    • If the game ends, jailing doesn't go through
    • Kidnapper teammates will not know who the kidnapper targets

    Database changes
    • The Narrator will now try to reconnect to the database upon an error.

    this is live

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