Changelog 3/24/2017

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    Changelog 3/24/2017

    Pillow Talk or Let me out of here!

    Role Additions
    • Takes their target away for the night, to have a chat with them.
    • Stops a target from submitting actions
    • Removes targets from faction chats until the next night.
    • Limited execution option
    • Jailing someone first grants you immunity from being killed (except arson burn).
    • The execution is only stopped by a roleblock

    Role Updates
    • Janitors will now hide how the person died, if they died during the night.
    • Cult Leader default options now have a conversion rate limit on successful conversions.
    • Added option for faulty guns and fake vests to be passed out by Gunsmith and Armorsmith.

    Visual Updates
    • The sheriff role card will now tell you what factions the sheriff can detect
    • Dead people will now see all living people on their 'actions page', instead of it being empty
    • Living people will now see themselves on the voting page as someone to click, but won't do anything. This is just another area to see how many votes you have on you.

    Faction updates
    • Separated out having a 'night chat' from 'knowing who your allies are.' It's an extra option now.

    Other 'core Narrator logic' fixes
    • Unvoting was being saved as a skip day in the logs. Corrected this
    • Removed submitted actions when the game was over. This caused the game to not correctly stop the last few times we played.
    • Removed the ability for players to name themselves as 'key words' which might confused the Narrator in how games are stored. (this is now tested)
    • Witch will now properly give new actions for spies and framers, if they haven't submitted an action.

    Database changes
    • Changed database schema to properly save the role spawns of random roles. Before, if two Town Random Roles spawned different roles, I would save it as having spawned the same role (which was incorrect).
    • Correctly storing original night/day length

    will comment when the update is actually pushed out.
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