Probe is mispelled

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    Re: Probe is mispelled

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark.Revenant View Post
    What did he mean by this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Necroplant View Post
    Mafia will be very interesting for the duration of this sentence, and lots of individuals' tummys will hurt from laughing so hard. I've had to fall out of my chair and lie on the ground before, as it was just too painful to laugh LOL.

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    Re: Probe is mispelled

    Quote Originally Posted by Sino View Post
    You heard the boss, @Cryptonic , now censor the word Archon please, from now on, they will all be Acrons.

    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Blue Masquerader View Post
    Hey moron. shut the fuck up or I will shut you up, k? I'm not the person your going to insult and live happily ever after. K? Understand that,

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