Leftover time during the day/night

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    Leftover time during the day/night

    Ending Night Early/Skipping Day

    Thoughts on the following implementations?:
    -A way to carry leftover time from skipping the day into nighttime
    -A way to end night early to get more time during the next day, at least discussion time.

    A peeve I have playing FMs (a very small one, mind you), is that when we skip the day, (or the day ends in lynch early), we wait around for host to come and give the 'host review' and open up night chats. Conversely, when the all the factions with chats are done discussion, and everyone's submitted their night actions, we wait around for the day to start at some predetermined time. It's a lot of waiting around that could be minimized, or used better.

    Another related issue is that 'ending the day/night' early would move around the start time/end time of days, causing players who have to check every so often on the state of the game to not have a regular time to check, and they could potentially miss a big portion of their day/night if they're not careful.

    Also worth mentioning, is that hosts use this to standardize a time for themselves to get all actions in, and make sure appropriate feedback happens and no mistakes are made.


    Thoughts on implementing this sort of thing as a 'general setting'?

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