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    Executioner and Cult Leader

    Should executioner be able to be recruited after getting his/her target lynched? Should their win condition change? What about if they get invulnerability at night?

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    Re: Executioner and Cult Leader

    Yes I think it should Would be pretty funny, and not a horrible strategy lol.
    I think their win condition should change, too, makes sense that way.

    I'm not sure about keeping Invulnerability. Kind of like a passive night action of the Executioner, so if you ever have a Cult where TPR keep their roles, then Executioner could keep invulnerability in that situation lol.

    That's just my opinion, though. Could make it an option to keep it or not, or to change wincon or not. Allows for very unique setups when hosting a private game. But having so many options might be tedious in a public game.

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