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    Keeper Applications

    In order to apply for a keeper position, please post a thread in the Answer Hall. However, understand that we may decline your application for various reasons. I've listed below what will cause me to deny a keeper application offhand, and what I look for in a keeper.

    Things I don't want to see:
    Any punishment within the last year that was not successfully appealed
    Lack of activity in the mod

    Things I like to see:
    People frequently active in the mod, the site, and in reporting other players.
    Players who are observant.
    People who want to do work and improve the site.

    These lists may be changed at any time, but that's my current baseline.

    When you apply, please include your sc2 ID (it looks like 1-S2-1-###### and can be seen at the start and end of mafia games, or found in your documents/StarCraft II/Accounts/othernumber folder).
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