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    Re: Make SuperJack A Sig Competition

    Quote Originally Posted by BananaCucho View Post
    Am i a muppet

    Or am I man

    A respected but not really because ladder isn't respected violet muppet
    Spoiler : Quotes :
    Quote Originally Posted by S-FM Hey peter View Post
    There are two wolves inside you. One is addicted to crack. The other one is also addicted to crack. You are addicted to crack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbomber16 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by BananaCucho View Post
    Mallow are you really an anti vaxxer
    Quote Originally Posted by The Lawyer View Post
    Besides your lamp and your refridgerators, do you find anyone else suspicious?
    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade View Post
    God is a goofy loser.

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    Re: Make SuperJack A Sig Competition

    Quote Originally Posted by HentaiManOfPeace View Post

    I just wanted a friend because this pandemic made me lonely and mentally unstable.

    PS: you can have a good time if you fold a tissue, rip a hold, and go to town on it than just using your hands. It feels pretty good
    you should maybe begin by saying sorry to helz then lol. You were kind of a massive cunt, plus he probably didn't even write that rep message you attributed to him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Blinkstorteddd02 View Post
    naz, he's claiming to have been at your house last night and infected you. I know u were drunk but PLEASE try as hard as you can to remember... That burning you felt the next morning when you went pee was from me, not him.

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    Re: Make SuperJack A Sig Competition

    Quote Originally Posted by HentaiManOfPeace View Post
    Yes, I have a huge problem with this. In your forum title, you claim to be a "Brofessor of Nonsense", which is obviously a portmanteau word of "bro" and "professor", implying higher education. As a man with two degrees, I am also inclined to higher education qualities as well. Therefore, I can surmise that you would also respect the use of the English language used in a professional manner. It's very disappointing to see a man claiming to be a "professor", implicitly, yet disregard a very important distinguishing trait that separates those native to English to those who aren't native when communicating with other intellectuals.

    Therefore, because of this, I'm very inclined to point out to you your mistake. If you go on perpetuating the use of "your" when it's supposed to be "you're", you're further degrading the use and cultural history of contractions that dates back all the back to the UK in the 17th century where they began as informal writing that became assimilated into everyday business speak. Therefore, I cannot condone this anti-intellectualism you have against English contractions.

    Also, the reason why I'm explaining this in great length to you is because I'm a sad, sad man who just wants a friend and you seem to be conveniently available since both you and I have nothing planned this Friday night. Do you want to be my friend?
    Lol. Sure.

    I can confirm I have not (and can not) give rep or send reputation messages.

    I am not sure if we will be able to come to common ground on the use of 'proper English.' I dislike that there is a declared 'proper' use at all and I push against it. The English language is terrible as far as languages go but I have very little respect for the written technicalities simply because they are self perpetuated nonsense with no functional purpose. Declaring multiple versions of your is stupid in my opinion. The objective of a language is to convey information and nit-picking on the symbols used to do so just does not make a person more capable. I feel like the existence of such 'rules' is worthless and pushing to enforce them makes little sense in a scholastic environment; much less so in chat rooms and video game forums. This is probably just a point we will have to agree to disagree on and I personally advocate for the destruction of the thought process you are pushing making our beliefs diametrically opposed..

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