{Proposal, Will only go forth if there is enough support}

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    {Proposal, Will only go forth if there is enough support}

    By Reading this, you agree not to use this proposal against me, and no punishment may be given by authorities of the pony party. This is intended only to prevent Ming Vase for punishing me for betrayal. Thanks.

    The United Secular Socialist Republic, For a Socialist, Neutral(ish) faction, Members of the socialist republic receive free healthcare, Pensions and equal opportunities. Members of the United Secular Socialist republic will vote for all propositions, and each member has an equal a vote as others, For Example:

    What is your belief Regarding our relations to the COMmunists?

    A) Ally them, at all costs.
    B) Remain neutral
    C) Declare war, Remove Them from the earth.

    No battle or attack will take place without the House's general consensus being more, or equal to 51%. The Vote requires 80% of the House to have voted, so if 40% or more of the party believe that the Terrorists are scum, then war will be formally declared. If the party, however, decides to remain neutral, there will be no action. If War is declared from the other side, the house is, of course, forced to act on this.

    If New rules are wanted, then a vote will be done on this, and a result will be gathered.

    If Ten people pledge to join, then I will act on this, and create the party, Otherwise, of course, I will remain in the poniez.

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    Re: {Proposal, Will only go forth if there is enough support}

    The DPRCOM is already set up in a democratic fashion. From the COMmunist statement:
    The democracy of the people is what governs our decisions, not our desire for power. However, we separate ourselves from the anarchists in that in an anarchist society, everyone has power, including those who want to oppress. We distinguish ourselves in that WE are the only ones who have power, and the only power the oppressive have is through voting, a non-issue due to them being in the minority.

    We must always remember to make choices that are good for the people, even if such choices are against the interests of the party individuals. Even if the majority decides that we be ousted and that another party be brought in to rule, then we must oblige, for it would be un-COMmunist to not do so. If the majority makes bad decisions, we must act upon them, for it is only through example and pain that they can learn.

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    Re: {Proposal, Will only go forth if there is enough support}

    You cannot attempt to start a faction while you are currently in one.

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