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    Forum Mafia Host's Guide

    FM Host's Guide

    This guide will attempt to include everything you need to know about hosting games of Forum Mafia on Sc2 Mafia.

    Hosting requirements:

    1) Forum Mafia (FM)
    Hosting a Forum Mafia game requires demonstation of adept hosting abilities. Hosts will be decided by the High Council based on forum standing, site activity, and hosting capabilities. If you feel capable, and have hosted several other smaller sized games, I would recommend making a request in the Answer Hall.

    2) Simple Forum Mafia (S-FM)
    Hosting a Simple Forum Mafia game requires only that you have participated in a game of any level of Forum Mafia (S-FM included). Afterwards, you will create your setup in the Setup Workshop subforum, and either post a link in the Forum Mafia - Hosting Order and Setup Reviewing, or mention any FM Staff member. Once those steps are completed, your Setup will be examined and questions will be asked. Once everything has been clarified, the reviewing FM Staff member will mark the game as Approved. You will then have to message FM Staff for permission to post signups; once the permission is given, you may post your signups thread in this subforum : Signups.

    3) Approved Setups
    To host an Approved Setup, you must first pick one in the Approved Forum Mafia Setups subsection. Then, you must either ping FM Staff in the setup thread, or in the Forum Mafia - Hosting Order and Setup Reviewing thread for permission to post signups; once the permission is given, you may post your signups thread in this subforum : Signups.

    What does my setup thread need?

    All setups, with the exception of hidden setups, require the following information to be present in the setup thread:

    1) Roles List
    A roles list shows how many players the game is intended for, while also giving structure to the setup itself. This makes it easier for players to understand what the game is going to be like. If you wish to host a game with a completely hidden roles list, it is acceptable to post a roles list that includes nothing but Hidden Any's. It is recommended, but not required, to specify the number of players in the setup thread's title. For example, a 13 players setup would have "(13P)" in the title.

    2) Possible Roles
    Lists of possible roles for every hidden category is also required to clarify the roles list. For example: If Vigilante is a confirmed role, it should be clarified if a second Vigilante can arise from Hidden Town or not. If your game does not have any hidden categories, or the only categories is Hidden Any, then possible roles are not needed.

    3) Role Cards
    A role card is needed for every role possible in the game, showing what the action of the role is and specifics about the role. Anything unusual or optional about a role should be mentioned in the role card. For example, a Witch rolecard should say if the Witch's target is notified of being Witched or not.

    4) Win Conditions
    Clear Win Conditions are required for every faction. Make sure that these are not vague, and that there are no loopholes. For example, it should be clarified that Town must have at least one player alive at the end of the game in order to win, and not just "Eliminate the Mafia".

    5) Order of Operations
    For every night action in the game, the host must place it appropriately on the Order of Operations. Order of Operations is the easiest place to forget about specific roles. Remember that the Order of Operations should reflect your intentions about the mechanics of your game. For example, if you place Healing after Killing, a Doctor is unable to heal the same night they are killed; anything placed before a roleblock can't be prevented by a roleblocker.

    An example of an Order of Operations:
    Order of Operations
    0.1 Jailing
    0.2 Night chats open
    1. Survivor uses vest (+1)
    2. Veteran Alert (-1)
    3. Bus drives
    4. Witch manipulation (can manipulate 2 and 3)
    5. Roleblocks (can block 3 and 4)
    6. Detective/Lookout (can see all movements from 2 and onwards)
    7. Framer
    8. Investigations
    9. Bodyguard protects (+1)
    10. Kills (-1)
    11. Heals (+1)
    12. Janitor
    13. Cult conversion
    14. Mason recruits / purging (-1)
    15. Coroner
    16. Jailor executes

    6) Mechanics
    This is where you put how you intend your game to run. A host needs to include things like day length, night length, all lynch mechanics, who shares a night chat, and anything else you deem relevant.

    7) Special Mechanics
    This is where you include any unique mechanics you intend to put in your game. This includes things such as day events, lotteries, or even a game that utilizes a map with areas. Any of these, or anything else, should be clearly defined in this section to prevent confusion.

    8) Rules of Conduct
    Rules of Conduct should include all restraints you wish to place upon your players. Usual rules include: No outside communication of the game, No editing posts, Don't reveal roleplay names, ect. Other rules can include minimum posts, posting of videos/pictures, and other languages. Remember that you cannot mod-kill or replace someone for breaking a rule you did not have in your setup (note that the FM Rules are assumed to apply to your setup unless you specify otherwise).

    9) Investigator Feedback (Conditional)
    Investigative messages are required for all setups that include the Investigator role variant that gets a feedback along the lines of "Your target is either role X, role Y, or role Z". This can either be included in the Investigator role card, or in a section on it's own.

    10) Feedback messages (Optional)

    This section isn't required, but will definitely prevent several questions being asked during the reviewing process. If you choose not to have this section present in your Setup, it is recommended to include all feedback under the appropriate role card (i.e. Doctor knows his target is attacked).

    I finished my setup, what's the next step?

    The next step after finishing your setup is to edit your thread's prefix from [WIP] to [Ready for Review]. Then, you may post a link to your thread in the Forum Mafia - Hosting Order and Setup Reviewing thread. FM Staff will then review your setup by asking questions in your setup thread. These questions must be answered, and the setup needs to be edited to reflect these answers. After everything is clarified, the FM Staff member who has reviewed your setup can approve it, and put it in the Approved Forum Mafia Setups subforum. You will then have to ask for permission to post signups to an FM Staff member; do not post signups before having that permission.

    What needs to be done before I start?

    Before you can start your game, you will need to select everyone's role (list randomizer from works well for this) and send players their rolecard. If your game includes nightchats, they should also be set up before a game begins (to prevent unforseen errors causing a delay in game); see below for more information on night chats. Afterwards, all that requires to be done is to create a game thread. Create a topic in the appropriate Ongoing Games section with the title: "S-FM : [name]".

    How do I close and open my thread?
    Go in Administrative at the top of the page, next to the Vote Count feature. There will be a Close Thread / Open Thread button. This only works for the threads you create in the Ongoing Forum Mafia Games subsection.

    How do I manage night chats?

    In order to setup your night chats, you have to either use a QuickTopic, or a Discord server, for players who share a night chat. Ensuring that the night chat is secure will help maintain the integrity of your game.

    Here is a Discord server template for game management created by @Lag that you may use for your game:

    How do I manage votes?

    To add a vote counter to your game, all you need to do is add the [L]# of votes needed[/L] tag to your day opening posts. If someone is lynched, the Godfather account will close the topic and reset the vote count; however, if someone is not lynched by the end of the day, you will need to use the [RESETCOUNT][/RESETCOUNT] tag to your day end posts. If you forget to add these to your posts, editing them into the correct post will work; in setups with plurality lynch only (lynch can only occur at End of Day (EoD)), you will always have to reset votecount with this tag.

    What do I do after my game ends?

    After your game ends, players of the game will post and discuss their thoughts on the game. Hosts can give players their own thoughts if they want to. Players may then vote for the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the game for extra recognition. You must then supply your players with a post containing what role everybody was; FM Staff will take care of archiving your thread when discussion will be over.

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