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    Blackmailer/Silencer disable the vote ability during the day.

    Well i think all agree that its stupid that the blackmailed person can just vote each person once and then everyone knows he/she is blackmailed. There definitely should be an option for the Blackmailer to disable voting for trial during the day (but maybe not voting inno/guilty). What now happens is that when a Sheriff gets blackmailed he simply votes each person once and then spam a few times the guilty person and in my opinion and many others is that's not how blackmailing suppose to work.

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    Re: Blackmailer/Silencer disable the vote ability during the day.

    It's something we've looked at. It's a really fine like to balance because taking a person out of the vote also then by respect of number of able voters should change the number of required votes to put a person to trial or else a blackmailer can cause a mafia majority one day earlier than normal

    Thats just one problem. There are definitely more.

    I agree that the whole spam voting thing circumvents blackmailing but it's a change that affects multiple aspects of the game and a few more roles than you would immediately think.

    I want to try to work it out, but as of yet I haven't had time to draft a comprimise.
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    Re: Blackmailer/Silencer disable the vote ability during the day.

    Yes but only implement it as an option. For instance a Disguiser or any other additional Killing mafia can also cause a mafia majority one day earlier. With this implemented people could make setups with blackmailer and without a mafia killing role, making the blackmailer role alot more interesting.

    EDIT: And btw how many times were the roles random so that there was no 2nd killing role in mafia? The blackmailer tweak would only make him a 1/2 (not useful with many players, very useful with few players) "killing" role while maintaining utility.
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    Re: Blackmailer/Silencer disable the vote ability during the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dark.Revenant View Post
    @Gyver That option would cause more confusion, if anything. Also, it would be a right pain in the ass to implement because of the dozens and dozens of untestable bugs that would happen.
    But it's the difficult stuff that is typically worth doing. That's what's made your game so great... the extra effort you've put into polishing it. And you know were always here to help you with bug testing and reporting.

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    Re: Blackmailer/Silencer disable the vote ability during the day.

    People are supposed to know you are blackmailed by design. That's why the message comes up anyway when they go on trial. Spam-voting doesn't really make too much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. Blackmailing isn't necessarily supposed to make a player look AFK or suspicious. It's just supposed to shut them up if they could have leads that could harm the mafia or triad. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Re: Blackmailer/Silencer disable the vote ability during the day.

    I don't know that I could agree with you that it's "by design," when the setup option allows for BM'd players to talk during trial.

    I do have a suggestion though, and you guys tell me if I have something wrong with my logic on this one:
    What about making a parameter that allows players to only change their vote three times for every voting opportunity?

    Here's what I mean: Day 1 starts, and after discussion, each player can only change vote three times and cancel their vote three times. Let's say a player goes to trial and is voted NOT guilty. The day continues, and the variable is reset for each player, so they can vote and cancel another three times.

    This would prevent spam, and in the case of BM, the BM'd player would not want to waste the amount of times he can vote/cancel. It might take a bit of extra coding, but another tiny window could be put up above the chat box that says "Remaining Votes: 3 - Cancels: 3"
    If they click to vote someone, it'll read "Remaining Votes 2 - Cancels: 3"
    If they don't cancel, but click to vote someone else, it'll read: "Remaining Votes 1- Cancels 2"

    Again, this could be altered, but it's just an initial idea to prevent vote spamming, not just with blackmails, but in general (concerning trolls). It would also give the game a bit more suspense in being carefully selective with how you vote.

    (Or you could make this another setting for a saved setup. Allow people the option to limit the amount of votes/cancels each player can make with each new voting session.)

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