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  1. ISO #1

    DonDraper: 1-S2-1-5693645, Meh:1-S2-1-2732372

    Account Name: DonDraper
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-4295641
    In-Game Name: Bountyhunter

    Crimes Committed: Skyping and Gamethrowing

    Account Name: Meh
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-2732372
    In-Game Name: Godfather

    Crimes Committed: Skyping

    Account Name: Axel
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-2879283
    In-Game Name: Sansone II.

    Crimes Committed: Skyping

    Account Name: demaja
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-4295641
    In-Game Name: 100% Failure Rate Man

    Crimes Committed: Skyping

    -Mafia- (48).SC2Replay

    Screenshot2015-11-27 23_36_26.jpg
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  2. ISO #2

    Re: DonDraper: 1-S2-1-5693645, Meh:1-S2-1-2732372

    1. DonDraper Incorrect ID: 1-S2-1-4295641 Correct ID: 1-S2-1-5693645
    2. Meh Correct ID: 1-S2-1-2732372
    3. Demaja Correct ID: 1-S2-1-4295641
    4. Axel Correct ID: 1-S2-1-2879283

    Respective Hotkeys
    1. DonDraper - [E]
    2. Meh - 2
    3. Demaja - Control + 2
    4. Axel - Control + 4

    Was the Game Result altered?
    No, Town Won.

    Previous Offenses
    1. DonDraper - None
    2. Meh - https://www.sc2mafia.com/forum/showth...1-S2-1-2732372 [ Griefing ]
    3. Demaja - None
    4. Axel - None

    DonDraper is player 1, Meh is player 3, demaja is player 11, and Axel is player 13.
    [Player 15 is Doomsummit - begins putting down DonDraper, calling him a faggot,and his friend Meh, also states both on skype]
    Both Doomsummit start insulting each other text is below:
    Spoiler : Pre-Game conflict :

    I 00:19 Doomsummit ALL lol its don draper
    I 00:22 Doomsummit ALL dont expect good modes
    I 00:25 Doomsummit ALL don draper a faggot
    I 00:26 Meh ALL -prefer citizen
    I 00:30 Doomsummit ALL same with his faggot buddy meh
    I 00:31 Meh ALL doom go throw somewhere else
    I 00:35 Doomsummit ALL both on skype
    I 00:37 DonDraper ALL lol doom throwing faggot
    I 00:38 Doomsummit ALL double faggots
    I 00:39 Doomsummit ALL 1 and 3
    I 00:41 Doomsummit ALL -repick
    I 00:42 DonDraper ALL u liek throwing and suckign cock
    I 00:43 DonDraper ALL lol
    I 00:47 Doomsummit ALL fail save nigger

    DonDraper's Role is Liason. Meh's Role is Citizen "As prefer". Demaja's Role is Executioner. Axel's Role is Dragon Head.
    Nothing too important but back to Doomsummit insulting Host / Meh.
    Text found below:
    Spoiler : Day 1 Chat :

    I 01:33 Doomsummit ALL host is 100% gay for Meh
    I 01:34 Petey ALL 2 govys hey
    I 01:35 AlphaCommand ALL my beloved <3
    I 01:35 Doomsummit ALL if u say anything about meh
    I 01:35 leaf ALL <c val="FF0000">B</c><c val="fe8a0e">a</c><c val="FFFF00">n</c><c val="00FF00">a</c><c val="00FFFF">n</c><c val="842DCE">a</c>
    I 01:37 leaf ALL <c val="FF0000">B</c><c val="fe8a0e">a</c><c val="FFFF00">n</c><c val="00FF00">a</c><c val="00FFFF">n</c><c val="842DCE">a</c>
    I 01:38 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL lolz
    I 01:39 Doomsummit ALL host starts pming you
    I 01:40 davis ALL kik
    I 01:41 Doomsummit ALL threatening to ddos
    I 01:42 Doomsummit ALL lol
    I 01:42 davis ALL lol
    I 01:43 Rivedo ALL can i be mayor?
    I 01:43 Meh ALL lol
    I 01:45 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL the Govt is what causes 100% fail rate
    I 01:45 Rivedo ALL please?
    I 01:47 [Skypa]demaja ALL fuck this save is a total failure. I don't even have a normal role, i'm Godfarsonist, i don't even know
    I 01:49 leaf ALL -lw
    I 01:49 davis ALL cit 100% poor cit
    I 01:51 [Skypa]demaja ALL i dont even know what to do
    I 01:52 DonDraper ALL leave trian?
    I 01:53 Doomsummit ALL i think meh is his son who has a terminal illness
    I 01:54 Petey ALL 1 cit and 1 mayor or marshall lo

    DonDraper roleblocks nobody but suggest kill 14. Axel seems to be AFK.
    Spoiler : Night 1 Chat between Triad :

    I 02:02 AlphaCommand ALL who to target?
    I 02:04 DonDraper ALL dont know
    I 02:06 DonDraper ALL -target 14
    I 02:07 AlphaCommand ALL also, care spy is poss
    I 02:07 DonDraper ALL ?

    Demaja explains 4 killed 14 last night and plead town to lynches 4, since he's his target as Executioner. Nothing else too exciting.
    Spoiler : Day 2 Chat :

    I 02:40 AlphaCommand ALL ow
    I 02:44 AlphaCommand ALL who else is here?
    I 02:48 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL wow
    I 02:51 Doomsummit ALL get rekt boys
    I 02:52 Petey ALL no need to rb me as you can see, thanks
    I 02:52 davis ALL lol
    I 02:54 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL I cant even
    I 02:57 AlphaCommand ALL ow
    I 02:58 [Skypa]demaja ALL ok ok i got a lead
    I 03:02 [Skypa]demaja ALL town listne up
    I 03:06 Rivedo ALL sigh
    I 03:06 [Skypa]demaja ALL there was only 1 person viisitng 14
    I 03:08 AlphaCommand ALL LOL
    I 03:10 [Skypa]demaja ALL i'm lookout
    I 03:15 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL rofl
    I 03:15 Rivedo ALL lol
    I 03:15 Fluffster ALL veteran doing work
    I 03:17 [Skypa]demaja ALL and it's 4
    I 03:19 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL like
    I 03:21 Meh ALL get 4 then
    I 03:21 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL fuck that vet
    I 03:21 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL bull
    I 03:22 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL shit
    I 03:25 leaf ALL geet 4
    I 03:26 Fluffster ALL yeah
    I 03:26 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL and fuck him being able to kill me
    I 03:26 Petey ALL are you exe 10?
    I 03:27 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL thats not even right
    I 03:27 [Skypa]demaja ALL 4 visited 14
    I 03:28 Fluffster ALL that day 1 reveal
    I 03:28 Axel ALL Totally exe
    I 03:29 Petey ALL oh
    I 03:30 [Skypa]demaja ALL no i am lookout
    I 03:31 Rivedo ALL -pm 1 hi!
    I 03:31 Fluffster ALL not that obvious that you are lying
    I 03:32 [Skypa]demaja ALL and i was on 14
    I 03:32 AlphaCommand ALL 7 is vet
    I 03:35 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL yea
    I 03:35 [Skypa]demaja ALL and you visited him, 4
    I 03:35 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL Bitch you aren't lookout
    I 03:35 Rivedo ALL -pm 13 hi gf!
    I 03:36 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL ujk'
    I 03:37 [Skypa]demaja ALL so shut the fuck up
    I 03:37 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL ik*
    I 03:39 [Skypa]demaja ALL 9 is his mafia buddy
    I 03:40 Rivedo ALL -pm 9 hi dude!
    I 03:42 [Skypa]demaja ALL get 4
    I 03:42 VashtheStamp ALL what
    I 03:46 VashtheStamp ALL why me?
    I 03:52 Fluffster ALL im survivor
    I 03:52 Fluffster ALL 4 vests
    I 03:54 AlphaCommand ALL lol
    I 03:58 AlphaCommand ALL it's not hi,
    I 04:00 Fluffster ALL lynch me if you want to give 10 his free executioner win
    I 04:01 AlphaCommand ALL *him
    I 04:01 Rivedo ALL -pm 7 hi vet lookout here!
    I 04:01 [Skypa]demaja ALL survivors cant visit and cant kill
    I 04:02 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL He doesn't even have trespassing as a lookout
    I 04:02 Fluffster ALL i care not
    I 04:04 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL haha
    I 04:04 [Skypa]demaja ALL you're not surviivor
    I 04:05 [Skypa]demaja ALL guilty
    I 04:07 VashtheStamp ALL survivor cant visit
    I 04:08 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL Im invest
    I 04:08 [Skypa]demaja ALL he shot 14
    I 04:10 [Skypa]demaja ALL town vote guilty
    I 04:10 AlphaCommand ALL 11 is DH

    I 04:17 AlphaCommand ALL and i think to
    I 04:19 Fluffster ALL town full of lemmings
    I 04:23 AlphaCommand ALL 10 is something
    I 04:24 Fluffster ALL didnt even earn that executioner win

    I 04:32 [Skypa]demaja ALL easiest exewin ever, now i'm gonna troll the shit out of you assholes
    I 04:34 Rivedo ALL surv and exec seemed unlikely
    I 04:34 [Skypa]demaja ALL i totally earned it
    I 04:35 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL gooddamm itiots
    I 04:36 [Skypa]demaja ALL it was hard work
    I 04:39 Fluffster ALL nah you dumb
    I 04:40 [Skypa]demaja ALL die survivor die
    I 04:41 Petey ALL lol why unlikely
    I 04:46 [Skypa]demaja ALL you sigh in relief over your suceesss
    I 04:47 [Skypa]demaja ALL yeeeayyy
    I 04:49 [Skypa]demaja ALL fuck you all
    I 04:50 [Skypa]demaja ALL i side with mafia

    [Night 2]
    Axel comes back from being AFK and selects a target. DonDraper says his target he picked is Veteran and pick someone else, ended up killing 5.
    Spoiler : Night 2 Chat between Triad :

    I 05:01 DonDraper ALL -target 9
    I 05:09 DonDraper ALL no
    I 05:09 DonDraper ALL vet
    I 05:10 Axel ALL Any smart protective will beon 8.
    I 05:11 Axel ALL 9*
    I 05:11 DonDraper ALL HE IS VET
    I 05:12 Axel ALL Vet?
    I 05:13 DonDraper ALL YES
    I 05:14 DonDraper ALL U IDIIOT
    I 05:14 Axel ALL Okay.
    I 05:15 Axel ALL I was afk n1
    I 05:18 Axel ALL Chill out.

    [Day 3]
    Doomsummit comes back into the picture and says Meh got lynched n1. Meh says get 7, and Demaja (The Executioner) spams Doomsummit(7) is triad and successfully gets him lynched.
    Spoiler : Day 3 Chat :

    I 05:38 leaf ALL wtf vigi
    I 05:38 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL "should" key word
    I 05:43 [Skypa]demaja ALL i'm siding with triad, fuck you town
    I 05:43 Rivedo ALL -lw
    I 05:49 Doomsummit ALL by the way Meh
    I 05:49 AlphaCommand ALL yep
    I 05:51 Doomsummit ALL i know ur reading this
    I 05:51 [Skypa]demaja ALL i'm gonna kill as much as i can
    I 05:52 Axel ALL Wow
    I 05:53 Doomsummit ALL u got fuckin rekt n1
    I 05:54 Doomsummit ALL lol
    I 05:55 Axel ALL Wow...
    I 05:56 [Skypa]demaja ALL shut up green
    I 05:57 Doomsummit ALL baited HARD
    I 05:58 AlphaCommand ALL LOL
    I 05:59 [Skypa]demaja ALL pacina shut up
    I 06:00 Meh ALL get 7 lol
    I 06:00 [Skypa]demaja ALL you faggot
    I 06:04 Doomsummit ALL haha get rekt bitch
    I 06:04 Doomsummit ALL umad
    I 06:07 Meh ALL vote 7
    I 06:07 davis ALL i tried 15
    I 06:07 [Skypa]demaja ALL shut up pacina
    I 06:08 AlphaCommand ALL brb
    I 06:09 [Skypa]demaja ALL you little whore
    I 06:10 AlphaCommand ALL though
    I 06:10 Meh ALL if u want pizza
    I 06:11 [Skypa]demaja ALL i'm sheriff
    I 06:13 Axel ALL I like pizza
    I 06:13 DonDraper ALL ayy vote 7
    I 06:13 Doomsummit ALL yep don and meh are 13 and 10
    I 06:13 [Skypa]demaja ALL 7 is triad
    I 06:13 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL -pm 7 I found you veteran!
    I 06:14 DonDraper ALL lol
    I 06:14 Rivedo ALL whos the noob vigi?
    I 06:15 Petey ALL lol i killed marshall
    I 06:18 leaf ALL i cant be heal anyway
    I 06:19 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:20 Doomsummit ALL hahaha these 2 faggots are mad
    I 06:20 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:20 davis ALL i go for coloreds first alwys
    I 06:21 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:21 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:22 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:23 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:25 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL Oh shut the fuck up
    I 06:25 Doomsummit ALL oh and by the way 10, 2 people know im vet
    I 06:25 Meh ALL lol
    I 06:26 Doomsummit ALL vote 10
    I 06:26 Petey ALL i shoulda known he was marshall RIGHT 3
    I 06:27 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:28 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:29 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:31 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:31 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:32 Doomsummit ALL dumbass
    I 06:33 Doomsummit ALL LOL
    I 06:34 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:35 Rivedo ALL 7 is legi
    I 06:35 Axel ALL Lololololol
    I 06:35 Rivedo ALL t
    I 06:36 Doomsummit ALL 2 people know im vet
    I 06:37 Doomsummit ALL dumbfuck
    I 06:37 Rivedo ALL so legit omg
    I 06:37 [Skypa]demaja ALL 1 MORE FOR 7
    I 06:38 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:38 VashtheStamp ALL 100% is exec

    I 06:46 Doomsummit ALL well regardless, the lookout knows who i am
    I 06:47 AlphaCommand ALL lol
    I 06:47 Doomsummit ALL also
    I 06:50 Doomsummit ALL 10 claimed sheriff
    I 06:51 Fluffster ALL when town still following 10
    I 06:51 AlphaCommand ALL LOL
    I 06:52 Doomsummit ALL said im triad
    I 06:53 Doomsummit ALL dont forget
    I 06:54 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:55 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:55 Meh ALL 10 is sherif
    I 06:55 AlphaCommand ALL 7 is vet
    I 06:55 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:56 Meh ALL guilty
    I 06:56 Rivedo ALL hes vet
    I 06:56 AlphaCommand ALL lol
    I 06:56 VashtheStamp ALL omg, 10 is executor
    I 06:56 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:56 Rivedo ALL inno
    I 06:57 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 06:57 Rivedo ALL wow
    I 06:58 Meh ALL guilty
    I 06:59 Axel ALL He has a perfect track record so far
    I 06:59 [LNT]Talboturbo ALL He also said that he was lookout
    I 06:59 Axel ALL Guilty
    I 07:00 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL rofl
    I 07:01 Rivedo ALL inno
    I 07:01 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL yes
    I 07:01 [Skypa]demaja ALL I AM CONFIRMED SHERIFF
    I 07:02 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 07:02 Meh ALL 10 IS SHERIFF
    I 07:02 Rivedo ALL hes vet
    I 07:02 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL kill him
    I 07:03 Petey ALL 10 is exe dumbass forget 10
    I 07:03 Rivedo ALL guys
    I 07:04 Fluffster ALL almost time to call it quits for mafia
    I 07:05 Meh ALL I TRUST 10
    I 07:07 Fluffster ALL when people fucking around / full retard
    I 07:08 davis ALL lol exe
    I 07:09 AeonNxis ALL 10 just said he was exe when he killed 4 -.-....
    I 07:11 AlphaCommand ALL LOL
    I 07:11 davis ALL pro exe
    I 07:13 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL rofl
    I 07:14 Doomsummit ALL dont forget 10 claimed sheriff
    I 07:15 davis ALL my hero
    I 07:15 VashtheStamp ALL shit we lost this
    I 07:16 Doomsummit ALL gl town
    I 07:17 davis ALL lol
    I 07:22 Axel ALL Cya 7.
    I 07:22 AeonNxis ALL not pro, people in this game are just retarded af fuhhhhh
    I 07:23 [Skypa]demaja ALL lol you people are so fucking retarded, i would love to piss on your graves
    I 07:23 Rivedo ALL guilty votes are mafia
    I 07:24 AlphaCommand ALL 10 i think is triad
    I 07:24 VashtheStamp ALL i think town is dead already
    I 07:25 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL ^
    I 07:26 Rivedo ALL shoot em vigi
    I 07:27 Doomsummit ALL 10 mad
    I 07:28 Doomsummit ALL lol
    I 07:28 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL esp host
    I 07:30 [Skypa]demaja ALL SHERIFF HERE 7 IS TRIAD
    I 07:30 AlphaCommand ALL iirc
    I 07:34 Meh ALL 10 whats wrong?
    I 07:35 Rivedo ALL dude what
    I 07:36 [Skypa]demaja ALL doc me
    I 07:37 [Skypa]demaja ALL DOC ON ME
    I 07:38 Meh ALL ur sheriff right?
    I 07:39 AlphaCommand ALL LOL
    I 07:40 [Skypa]demaja ALL YES
    I 07:41 Rivedo ALL 13 maf
    I 07:41 Meh ALL ok
    I 07:42 AlphaCommand ALL LOLOLOLOL
    I 07:43 Rivedo ALL -lw
    I 07:44 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL trolololol

    [Night 3]
    Both triad members agree on killing (3).
    No chat

    [Day 4]
    Town lynches Demaja(The Executioner). Nothing to exciting.
    Spoiler : Day 4 Chat :
    I 07:50 DonDraper ALL -target 3
    I 07:51 Doomsummit ALL lol arson and silencer got rekt n1
    I 07:53 Doomsummit ALL -mute 2
    I 07:53 Rivedo ALL -lw
    I 07:54 AlphaCommand ALL yep
    I 07:55 Doomsummit ALL -mute 6
    I 07:56 Doomsummit ALL double muted
    I 07:57 AlphaCommand ALL i hit 7
    I 07:59 [KJedi]Sigskogi ALL hahaha
    I 08:00 AlphaCommand ALL got rekt
    I 08:05 AlphaCommand ALL hi, btw
    I 08:06 Doomsummit ALL go hug Meh's butt
    I 08:09 Doomsummit ALL slip in a finger
    I 08:10 AlphaCommand ALL sure!
    I 08:12 AlphaCommand ALL im into that

    [Night 4]
    DonDraper suggest to kill (9) but switches to (1).
    No Chat

    [Day 5]
    Triad member doesn't want to vote Meh, instead vote's Dragon Head and get the DH lynched.
    Spoiler : Day 5 Chat :

    I 11:41 Axel ALL Well 13
    I 11:43 Meh ALL guys
    I 11:46 Axel ALL You really did great gamethrowing.
    I 11:46 Meh ALL im gf get 11
    I 11:53 DonDraper ALL well his name is gf
    I 11:58 Meh ALL get 11 if u don thave aids
    I 12:00 Axel ALL Except there is no GF in this save
    I 12:03 Axel ALL only dragon head.
    I 12:09 Axel ALL So 13 is lying!
    I 12:13 DonDraper ALL i kinda want to kill him
    I 12:15 DonDraper ALL at night
    I 12:23 Axel ALL Don't waste time
    I 12:25 Axel ALL Just lynch
    I 12:28 Axel ALL People are waiting
    I 12:35 DonDraper ALL they can wait lol
    I 12:38 DonDraper ALL dont rush me u fag
    I 12:45 Axel ALL Excuse me
    I 12:47 Axel ALL I am your boss
    I 12:51 DonDraper ALL well watch this u fag
    I 12:51 Axel ALL >=(
    I 13:00 Axel ALL Blah blah blah
    I 13:06 Axel ALL Guilty.
    I 13:15 DonDraper ALL im my own boss now
    I 13:16 DonDraper ALL suck it
    I 13:18 Axel ALL Enjoy.

    [Night 6]
    Triad doesn't shoot the Citizen.
    No chat

    [Town Wins]
    Meh earns the Achievement [Hammer and Sickle] - Win the game with only a Citizen or Citizens alive as members of Town.

    Crimes Commited
    1. DonDraper - Skyping & Intentional Game-Throwing
    2. Meh - Skyping
    3. Demaja - None
    4. Axel - None

    Recommended Action
    1. DonDraper - Ban-List x 2
    2. Meh - Ban-List x 2
    3. Demaja - None
    4. Axel - None

    Additional Notes
    Based on voting patterns, Meh preferring the citizen role, how the citizen is cooperating with the triad, the final ending of how the Liason / Enforcer doesn't kill the citizen.
    I feel that this is a hard based discussion, but from other players saying as well (Don Draper and Meh) are known to skype together, is also a red flag for other(s) already know about these 2.

    Demaja and Axel. I can't give a hard answer to accuse them for lack of evidence against them. Now these 2 both ended in probably around the same time since they came in Player [11] and Player [13].
    DonDraper and Meh, both were around the same area. DonDraper was Player[1] and Meh was Player [3].

    But based of the evidence at the end, and other voting patterns I back this up 100% on these 2 were indeed skyping.

    + There is other options out there instead of skyping, like pressing (CTRL + F10) to open your friends list and chat with your friends. "Don't kill me bro".
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  3. ISO #3

    Re: DonDraper: 1-S2-1-5693645, Meh:1-S2-1-2732372

    Pre game, doomsday suggest Don Draper and Meh are skyping.

    Don Draper jokingly lynches his own Triad buddy and may have expected a 1v1 win thereafter, however given the setup, and a citizen missing form the graveyard it was obvious Meh was a citizen, even though it wasn't discussed.

    The game result was altered, Town won instead of Triad.

    Crimes Commited:

    Don Draper - GameThrowing (Intentional or Otherwise)

    No previous offenses - Watch List x3

    There was no reasonable proof of skyping.

    No one else sticks out for punishment other than Don Draper

    > 1) Skyping Plausibility
    > -Doomsday suggests DonDraper and Meh are Skyping
    > -DonDraper Lynches his own Triad in a 2v1
    > -Meh wins hammer and syckle

    > What I'm saying is, the case for actual skyping hinges on the comment of one player in pre-grams chat
    > Without that comment, it looks like normal game throwing (intentional or unintentional)
    > And basing a skyping offense off of someone else's comment is not really solid
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