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    Role : Slave Master

    Name : Slave Master
    Desciption : you are an unmoral merchant , who sells his captives has killers
    Neutral Evil ( Cult )
    Abilities : every night choose a person , if that person is "Killed" or "Converted" , the person is enslaved : he can talk and vote like everyone at day , but on night is considered jailed and can chat with other slaves until the Master's death ; the master can eventually send one of his slaves for kill , but if the slave fail to kill and survive. The slave is freed .
    Inv pairings : ??? ( sorry , i don' t know what are the most suitable investigative pairings )
    Options : When captured the lw is cancelled
    The slave master appear to visited the target whend send a slave

    Notes : capture is prevented by doc or immunity , but bodyguard will kill the attacker and stop
    Slaves don' t see the cult chat
    The slave master is cult , but the masons convert will result of knowing who is the slave master , insted of his killing .
    Slaves can' t be converted

    Please , keep suggest and help me some to create something new for FM !

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    Re: Role : Slave Master

    I kinda liked the role, fits FMs better than SC2maf, but if you want to lock it, I believe there is a "close thread" button at the bottom of the page.

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    Re: Role : Slave Master


    Pretty good role though, would be interesting to play a game that revolves around it!
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    Re: Role : Slave Master

    This post is almost a decade old
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