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    Thread:S-FM Blackflag Nightless IV (Cancelled)

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    ►►S-FM Blackflag Nightless IV (Cancelled)◄◄

    He seemed to be in a cell. His eyes flickered; green they were, with a flat, vacant look. My mind went back to my own imprisonment - the smells, the cold, the madness that came and went. Was he drugged? Or did he believe himself to be hallucinating?
    But suddenly his spirit returned. He extended his hand.
    "Brothers! Sisters! I am coming!" came a shout that shook the room.
    We trumped him out of his cell as Gérard hacked his chain away with an axe, and we were now arrived on the real Earth, in Amber.
    A sort of cheer had gone up as we rushed to touch him, to see him, our brother had been gone these many years and had just now been snatched back from his mysterious captors.
    "Get back!" Gérard shouted!
    Dead silence. For everyone had backed off, and turned to stone. There was a knife in Brand's side, where there had not been one moments before.
    Some one of us had just tried for his kidney and possibly succeeded. Gérard bore Brand to the couch and we drew aside.
    "Get me clean water to bathe him. And towels. Get me saline solution, glucose and something to hang them from. Get me a whole medical kit." said Gérard.


    King Oberon of Amber - Disappeared without a trace (D0).
    King Eric of Amber - Died in battle against the Forces of Chaos (D0).
    His last words were:
    Spoiler : Last Words - As reported by Corwin of Amber :

    "They saved you some trouble, the denizens of Chaos invading our realm, didn't they?
    Your turn will come one day. Then we will be peers.
    I could feel your curse. All around me. The whole time. You didn't even have to die to make it stick.
    No, I'm not going to give you my death curse. I've reserved that for the enemies of Amber - out there."

    He gestured with his eyes. He pronounced it then, in a whisper, and I shuddered to overhear it.
    "The Jewel... take it with you to the centre of the Pattern. Hold it up - very close - to an eye. Stare into it - and consider it a place. Try to project yourself inside. You don't go. But there is - experience... Afterward, you know how to use it.
    Acquit yourself as well as I have - bastard!" he said, then fell into my arms and heaved out his final, bloody breath.

    Prince Caine of Amber - Slain by a denizen of the Black Road (D0). His throat was slit.
    Monstrous Chaosite - Killed by Corwin to avenge Prince Caine (D0).

    If there's any flavour you don't understand, or are curious about, don't hesitate to ask. I will expound on it and explain. Flavour is not alignment indicative.
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