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    [Role Change] ►►Re: Lover/Swinger/Heartbreaker are underwhelming◄◄

    I frankly don't like how you are forced to choose at N1. I think those roles would be more flexible to play if you were allowed to delay the Choice (TM) until maybe n2 or n3 before you get suicided or softlocked out of your ability.

    And the HBer/Swinger's victim being told who they are being held hostage by really doesn't help HBer/Swinger gameplay, since it forces them into a Lover claim that can still be easily seen through by a spy, and depending on how sus you and/or your target looks to town, the town would just want to lynch you faster. If the victim wasn't told who loved them, then maybe Lover/HBer/Swinger would have more flexibility.
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