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    ►►Re: PQHack: 1-S2-1-515276◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow View Post
    Alright. We'll make sure it's fixed in 2.0.
    Sounds good, I appreciate the fast response on the 1.0 fix Thank you!
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    ►►Re: PQHack: 1-S2-1-515276◄◄

    Thank you, @aamirus and @Arrow . I confirm that 1.0 is now working (2.0 is not, as expected).
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    ►►PQHack: 1-S2-1-515276◄◄

    Account Name: PQHack
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-515276
    Your Server: NA
    Approximate Points: 150000

    Something happened such that now I get instantly-kicked (game returns to screen with 0:01 played), unless I delete the Bank file or go to an older version. Replay analyzer shows 0:00 GameUserLeave leaveReason=0;

    [not particularly relevant, but...] I tried using Discord bot's //bankrecover feature on half a dozen replays, including those from months ago (before any issues), and it always starts me out as "is a new player" and all reset, so that feature is not working for some reason, even on replays for which corresponding months'-old bank file works fine (if I just restore it on the local PC, instead of using the Discord Bot restore feature, which didnt work).

    After further investigation, I found that the last game that didn't terminate prematurely had me at 150000 points. Looks like I am getting auto-kicked for reaching or exceeding this point count.

    Attached replay is the last game in which I did not get instantly returned to main SC2 menu (this is where you will see 150000).

    Note that killy 1-S2-1-5387491 is also near 150k here, so might run into the same issue.

    Name: -Mafia 20 beta- (154).SC2Replay
Views: 5
Size: 289.8 KB

    I informed Frinckles of this finding on Discord as well, but am not sure if this is something he would fix or not, so posting here just in case.
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