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    [Role Change] ►►Re: Lover/Swinger/Heartbreaker are underwhelming◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Frinckles View Post
    Lover is a difficult role but I don't see why that's a bad thing. Some players find that as a rewarding experience and the existence of the role in a game can have a huge impact on it.

    Likewise, I think you underestimate how strong Swinger/HB can be. The hostage effect of forcing a player to love you can benefit the Swinger/HB significantly. And if you don't like the idea of pretending to be a Lover, you can always claim that your target instead loved you. Then you could just fakeclaim something like Oracle, SR, Survivor or whatever else is convenient.
    An average town will just lynch/kill u both if u CC eachother that's how this game works. Let's say that u managed to get gov in love and he knows u are swinger but doesn't want to kill u yet. U are still useless. U can't vote because ur vote pattern will be used against ur team, u can't affect the game in any meaningfull way because whatever u say is treated as worthless or used against ur team. Also one thing i forgot to mention, if ur taget dies in any way and leaves lw (Jailor, Veteran, Vigilante, NK, Witch, BG) u are done. Not only u just got exposed as a proven swinger/heartbreaker they also know for that one day u don't have any target active so they can just lynch u.
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    [Role Change] ►►Lover/Swinger/Heartbreaker are underwhelming◄◄

    There is almost no benefit in being Lover over Survivor/Amnesiac. You not only need to survive yourself without vests but you also need to keep the other person alive. You aren't even confirmed role if you love town because you can still be Heartbreaker/Swinger. I feel like Lover needs either night immunity for himself so he can survive most attacks so he dies if his loved target is killed, or him dying shouldn't kill his loved target and lover wins as long as his target stays alive till the end (reverse exe).

    Swinger/Heartbreaker are also not only borderline useless their ability is a hinderence. It forces you into a lover claim which can be easly countered by other neut benign claims or neutrals dying. You have almost no control over what role you are going to love because you are forced to use the ability n1 and can't change the target. And if you manage to avoid being caught in the first place your ability is just bad. Trading a triad vote for even a gov isn't a good trade, and in most cases certainly won't be for any other town role. While also not providing any passive benefit to the triad while you are alive. Meanwhile you could be something like Double Flower who can just straight up kill anyone he wants whenever he wants anonymously without dying himself and gets a second shot if the game is long.
    At the very least their target shouldn't know who loved them (at least with current version of the role) and they should be able to pick/change their target any night they want. This way they would ensure getting a right role killed with them and wouldn't be straight up revealed d2. I still don't see much benefit in having it over other killing roles like DF/Interro/Informant so they could probably use some passive ability aswell (detection immunity/show up as lover in graveyard/learn target role etc.).
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