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    Thread:Constable higher chance to appear

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    {Unsolved} ►►Setup Bugs◄◄

    I noticed some issues with the setup system that are still present as of 16 Feb 2022:

    (1) Actress, Heartbreaker, Caporegime does not spawn from Mafia Random

    (2) Constable spawn chance much higher than other Town Gov roles despite setting spawn weight much lower than the others.

    (3) -chance and -max commands not working properly (shows 0 regardless of settings, even if confirmed slot is added to role list)

    (4) Switching between save slots messes up settings on Slot 1 (afaik only Mafia roles are affected. See attached replay, Mafia spawn % sliders get messed up whenever I cycle through the save slots)

    (5) -emulate can be used in lobbies with other players, and is visible to all playes. Not sure if this has always been a thing, and I don't see this as an issue (gives an idea of setup spawn settings), but some players find it jarring and it can be spammed.

    (6) Mafioso spawns as Any Random even if "Any Random - Exclude Mafia" is ON. (See attached replay)
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