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    ►►Re: Whitelist Request◄◄

    Thank you very much . MichaelScott's ID is 1-S2-1-5359092.
    We'll make sure to check out the forums more often!
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    ►►Whitelist Request◄◄

    I am a seasoned sc2 mafia player. Where I live we call mafia "Palermo" and we actually play it among ourselves, with friends, in its simpler form.
    My girlfriend saw me play once and asked what's that, I kinda explained it and she liked it, since it's basicly "palermo" with many more roles.
    So, I set up an account for her, but soon I realised that new accounts are autokicked as an emergency measure against hackers.
    I agree with that measure, but now the girl can't play and she is not getting a paid account.
    I hope you guys show some understanding and bypass the paid-only rule, since it wasn't always like that and should not be and you understand we are not hackers.
    Of course you only have my word as proof of what Im saying is true. That's up to you.
    I can however tell you that Im MichaelScott, I have an account here and I never showed/did anything related to hacking.

    Her blizzard name is "SlySlevin" with ID 1-S2-1-8019082.
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