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    Thread:theoneceko: 1-S2-1- 8585442

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    {Ban List} ►►theoneceko: 1-S2-1- 8585442◄◄

    Account Name: theoneceko
    Account ID: 1-S2-1- 8585442
    In-Game Name: Tigerstar

    Crimes Committed: gamethrowing


    theoneceko rolled BD in Slot 8.

    D1 he pms 13 (Blackrose, ingame name Graystripe) "i may have moved to a different clan, but in this game we're a team. if you want ".
    13 douses 8 that night due to 8 swapping himself with 13s original target (11).

    D2 13 basically tells him that he's arso (pming "welp when I ignite you might be dead").8 pms back "maybe :3 but night one i switched myself with 11 XD".
    The following days, the two collide, 13 telling 8 who he's planning to douse so 8 doesn't swap them (and kinda threatening him "don't move this guy or I'll ignite you".
    8 never tells town that 13 is arso.

    I didn't stay until the end (wasn't aware of this before I watched replay) so I don't know who won the game, but 8 certainly didn't play to win this game. I also wanna mention that Jester wasn't possible after n1, so it's not like 8 might have thought 13 is just a Jester.

    Also 4 (Reemus, GF, Slot 4) was trolling and griefing the whole time, claimed GF d1 and pmed his kidnapper "execute 6" "and tell him REGARDS FROM JAPS HUNTER" (his ingame name the game before) and then pmed 6 "WE ARE COMING FOR YOU BOY", then d2 he claimed GF again when he was put on trial after accusing someone else randomly.. he got lynched that day.

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