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    Thread:[Witch has won] when no witch present

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    [Mechanics] ►►[Witch has won] when no witch present◄◄

    Lover got audited, became scumbag
    Town and scumbag left

    End message "the witch has won".
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    {Watch List} ►►BallsSoup - the angry gamethrower◄◄

    Account Name: BallsSoup
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-973933
    In-Game Name: I forget his name, but he was #3, light blue.
    Replay: Name: -Mafia- (489).SC2Replay
Views: 1
Size: 335.6 KB

    Crimes Committed: Gamethrowing

    Your Account Name: CaNNoN
    Summary: I was a town escort, and BallsSoup, with his typical raging blinders, gamethrew in multiple ways:

    1. Pursued lynching of a town escort 3 days in a row, spamming non-stop to throw the game off course.
    2. Lied, saying I have "never claimed" and was "never trialed". Multiple people confirmed that I was, and that he should check logs, he continued being belligerent, claiming he did. He derailed two days with this. I was trialled two days in a row, and publicly claimed, with active LWs, in both.
    3. Roleblocked the Mass Murderer, and never spoke up about it.
    4. Roleblocked a confirmed veteran, rather than the confirmed mass murderer, therefore getting himself and the veteran killed by MM (rather than preventing it) - this was AFTER the confirmed veteran asked him to RB the MM, while I RB'd the witch.
    5. Actively attempted to derail the game and take steps to ensure town would lose - town only won because the witch and survivor aligned with the town, instead of the Mass Murderer.

    He refuses to listen to anyone else, he gets rage blinders and thinks its his way or the highway. He is a PLAGUE on the mafia community, and most everyone thinks so.

    Name: -Mafia- (489).SC2Replay
Views: 1
Size: 335.6 KB
  3. ►►Re: Confirming a role by asking the UI text only the role will see should be considered cheating◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Tauntshaman View Post
    If escort is possible(free slots in roles list that can fit in an escortg) and someone is trying to convince noobs escort is impossible, I'm not against it.
    If escort is possible(expected count>0) and someone is trying to convince noobs escort is impossible(expected count=0), then it indeed should be reportable.

    Which is correct?

    And doctor is more unprovable than SR, yet more ppl fake claim doc than SR. Why? Because people like you ask SR for car model, while doctor roles don't have unique UI text.

    lol "only cries about that now". I've always been against asking SR for car model. Just ask @ChannelMiner , I called it cheating when he did like a few months back. Also, how the hell was I griefing & reactionary gamethrowing? By calling you a cheater?
    It's simple. Then delete the SR car model. It exists as a confirmation method and nothing further.

    Delete it, if not. Make them like doctor.

    You reactionary gamethrew by leading a lynching against me next game. You made your name [Cheater] CaNNoN, and then spammed that I was a cheater, two people took that seriously and lynched me without literally any proof, solely because you called me a cheater.

    I'll make it simple for you: Lying in a game of deception is not cheating. If people are too fucking stupid to read rolecards, then it's on them.
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    [New Role] ►►New Role: Necromancer / Warlock / Voodooist◄◄

    Still thinking about this one, but wanted to post it

    New Role Suggestion: Necromancer

    Crimes: Witchcraft and/or voodoo.
    Classification: Neutral Evil / Benign, OR new classification: Neutral Chaotic (in which lover and auditor should belong, as they are both chaotic neutral - they exist to cause Chaos).
    Ability: Every other night, you can bring someone back from the dead
    Win Condition:
    Option A: Neutral Chaotic: Survive OR new neutral chaos condition: use your abilities [x] times.
    Option B: Neutral Evil: Survive and see the town lose the game.
    1. The person brought back from the dead is random; the necromancer cannot choose someone from the graveyard.
    2. In order to bring someone back from the dead, someone MUST die that night, or your spell will fail.
    3. You must wait one night in between revives.
    4. Unique roles (i.e., constable, easter bunny) cannot be revived.
    5. Roles with a certain number of charges revive with an equal number that they had prior to death
    6. The revived party loses access to all prior death chat.
    7. There may not be more than one necromancer per game.

    1. Limited to [2/3/4] revives [ON/OFF]
    2. Spells cannot fail (roleblock immune) [ON/OFF]
    3. Can self-revive upon death at the cost of 2 revives. [ON/OFF]

    This will be a way to incentivize people to stay upon death, make death chat have some actual impact.
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    [Other Change] ►►Re: [META] Stop giving new players complex roles◄◄

    Set point minimums on complex roles.

    Minimum 500 for vet/mayor
    Minimum 1k for jailor/vig
    Minimum 2k? 5k? for constable/marshall.

    Brand new? You can roll Sheriff, Doctor, Investigator, or Detective, maybe Escort (but they have to be good at lying, because Escort is quite often mistaken for liaison/consort).

    Oracle may not seem complex, but it requires a lot of thinking to choose correctly & argue their existence.
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    [Misc. Suggestion] ►►Re: Mafia 2.0 Feedback list, and suggestions (Part 1?)◄◄

    I think some of the suggestions you've made are excellent, including Poisoner being non-killing, electro being less accessible, lover being NI, cult being restricted, coroner being support, and escort becoming town power (thus making it more likely).. I disagree with some, which I've elaborated below.

    1. Party host could be made more useful. It exists basically to be an intermediately-confirmed person until gov reveals. They die early and often, and are easy to counterclaim. It could be made stronger by giving it a vest option, OR, by making it more confirm-able (special chat during parties, for example). It is most certainly not a town power role in its current state.

    2. Escort is almost 100% always thought of as liaison/consort, and there's no way around it. There either needs to be a differentiator, or the role needs to be adjusted. It also needs a confirmation message. It's one of the few without. That said, making it town power may result in people believing it more, as it will be more frequent.

    3. Coroner is IMHO the strongest town invest role, but IT. NEEDS. EXTRA. NOTEPAD. SPACE. I agree it's more of a support role (invest/det/sheriff being invest, the coroner is always their supporting function). However, that will make it less common in games, as town support is looked down upon in saves.

    4. HB/Swinger are kind of boring roles. It could be made more interesting by allowing them to select another lover on a alter night (which does out them, but late-game, it could be an edge for evils)

    5. Lover being NI is a FANTASTIC addition. However, I feel like Lover (and another role I am going to suggest) deserve a new category: Neutral Chaotic (win with anyone). They're not REALLY benign, they're not REALLY evil, they exist to cause Chaos. Auditor would also fall into this category.

    6. So Poisoner is like a neutral 49er, but they don't make someone lose their powers? Interesting. Should it have a toggle option to disable abilities permanently, a la 49er?

    7. While we're at it, Spy either should be removed, or allowed to see night chat again. At least have it as a toggle option. In its current form, it basically exists as an easy role for triad to claim.

    8. Oracle literally exists to die and only to die. Perhaps one option that help confirm its existence would be a message to the person they visit "The diviners look down upon you this night" or something. It would both A) Confirm it, and B) also give mafia an edge, knowing whether they should target/lynch them.
  7. ►►Re: Confirming a role by asking the UI text only the role will see should be considered cheating◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Lag View Post
    Going to go a little bit against the grain on this one but... people claim the car model because it's fun flavor text.

    No one tries to ask people what word oracle feedback uses, like is it "divine" or "foretell" or "read the bones" or whatever because who cares? No one tries to ask people what sound their role made at the start of the game because who cares? They're nice little pieces of flavor that make the game feel more alive - but ultimately they're forgettable pieces of flavor - that's it. They're details of the game that no one really pays attention to. And the few people that do are generally only paying attention to it to try to game it by catching liars - and those people pretty quickly find out that doing that is against the rules and so they stop after a report and all is good.

    The flavor text for the street racer is different though... It's neat, it's fun - you see it and are like "hell ya, I'm driving my Mitsubishi Lancer" (idk if this is a car used in the game or not lol) and then you want to talk about it when you get put on the stand like "I couldn't have killed them, I was too busy driving my MITSUBISHI LANCER!" When I received Street Racer the first time, that's exactly what I did anyway - I'd completely forgotten about the rule - I'd never thought about claiming the flavor texts for other roles ever before, but with the street racer, the uniqueness and the specificity of that feedback just makes people WANT to hard claim the car they're driving.

    I think viewing it as a problem with how people are playing the games (e.g "Claiming the car they're driving is against the rules!") is a little bit myopic because I believe that my reaction of wanting to talk about the car model is also most everyone's initial reaction too. Just making it against the rules is still going to have new players coming in and trying to claim their role by stating what car they're driving. Whereas that kind of claiming literally never happens with new players when it comes to claiming other flavor text/sounds.

    I think viewing it as a problem with the role flavor is also anti-fun. I think having unique names for the different cars is neat, it adds to the experience.

    The best solution is probably to just add a list of possible car models in the role's tooltip or something, and then stop worrying about it.

    But that's just my 2 cents. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    This is exactly the solution. List of car models in the tooltip. Then it's left up to chance.

    That said, it's a game of deception. To allow someone to report someone else for lying opens up an entire can of worms:

    1. I'm an liaison, and claim escort. Lag cries "ESCORT ISNT POSSIBLE READ THE ROLE LIST". Now reportable
    2. I'm a witch and claim enchantress. Tauntshaman tells people that "ENCHANTRESS CAN'T MAKE YOU VISIT SOMEONE ELSE ONLY THEMSELVES"

    Asking SR for their car is attempting to prove a nearly unproveable role. There's nothing abusive about it. If someone wants to BS to get them lynched, it's literally the game.

    Funny how TauntShaman, who has been SR at least 40-50 times that I've seen, only cries about that now that he got a griefing & reactionary gamethrowing report against him for his actions following this event.

    Only when it's convenient for him, huh.
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    Thread:Your Game has a Real Racism Problem

    Thread Author:elemental

    Post Author:CaNNoN


    ►►Re: Your Game has a Real Racism Problem◄◄

    Tl;dr: People think they are anonymous, so they can say whatever they want.

    Using certain words should result in an auto-suspension.
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    ►►Re: Why does Lookout have trespassing?◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by DJarJar View Post
    You inspired me to make a suggestion thread lol

    I think it makes sense for lookout/det to have trespassing - it rewards mafia roles that also get trespassing for making a more difficult fake-claim than the lazy sheriff/doc claim.

    Also investigator is weaker than sheriff when it comes to detecting mafia or neut killers. So I would say part of what makes it viable is it can more easily self-confirm by correctly naming the crimes of others and also can sometimes confirm townies with its info.

    Another way to look at it is if you take off all the crimes except for the evil roles then invest basically becomes an OP giga sheriff
    Detective: It's his job - same logic applies as Sheriff
    Lookout is more like a PI - but that means it could go either way.
    Investigator is ALSO a job, so same logic as sheriff.
  10. Forum:Mafia Bug Reports

    Thread:BG dies to MM if they protect MM?

    Thread Author:CaNNoN

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    [Mechanics] ►►BG dies to MM if they protect MM?◄◄

    What is that bullshit? Is that intentional, or a bug?

    If it's intentional, it should be expressed somewhere, because BG basically becomes a free oracle in MM games, which is stupid.

    It should not be a mechanic.
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