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    [New Role] ►►Re: Prosecutor & Attorney◄◄

    They are relatively low power roles, and I agree with Ren where the roles have the problem of being too easily confirmable for a town role.

    So making it an evil role seems like the natural solution, but then that's just outing.

    Here's a solution: an evil role that gets an extra vote power that they can cast anonymously. (Maybe even while they're on trial so they can inno themselves!)

    So then during the day this evil role will be cast their main vote and you'll see something like "WrathCyber has voted for Renegade" but then if WrathCyber is the aforementioned evil role and he wants to double up his vote on Renegade he could vote Renegade with the anonymous vote too and "Someone has voted for Renegade" will appear, or he can split his vote and vote for someone else entirely!

    Would open up some very interesting WIFOM possibilities and it doesn't have the issues that Elector has.
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