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    Thread:Upcoming 2.0 Spy Changes

    Thread Author:Frinckles

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: Upcoming 2.0 Spy Changes◄◄

    This is a meta shift that’s needed to happen in some form for a while; mafia teams need to have that communication ability - it makes for all around better gameplay when there’s a coordinated strategy. This will also have flow on effects to roles that are currently seen as weaker such as framer.

    We’re looking at another couple of plans to disrupt the pm the government Meta as well, but I’m kinda not sure it’s a good idea to implement both shifts at once as it may super charge the mafia especially with the addition of actress.
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    Thread:Add more smith-type roles

    Thread Author:Oberon

    Post Author:Elixir


    [Miscellaneous Feedback] ►►Re: Add more smith-type roles◄◄

    Being able to given armour to a confirmed role is very strong, especially in setups where mayors cannot be healed is on. The fact they stack also is a point to consider. Immunity functions differently to being healed and can also stop a multi kill strategy.

    There’s a chance more roles can be added with items but it’s an issue that needs to be dealt with on the UI side first. Definitely not with 2.0.

    Just because something seems weaker on the surface doesn’t mean it actually is. It fills a very different niche. Having agency on self protection for roles that normally don’t can really mess with things. All of a sudden people who get given a random vest can claim and start a massive play without a fear of dying (until they get kidnapped or something)
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    [Poisoner] ►►Re: Change the Poisoner's abilities as follows◄◄

    So you don’t think there’s inherent benefit of a killing role that dodges BGs and Detectives because the target doesn’t die that night with the trade off of a slower KPN?
  4. Forum:Mafia Discussion

    Thread:Why Spy is the worst role in the game

    Thread Author:Lag

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: Why Spy is the worst role in the game◄◄

    I’ll have to read this thread later but seeing as someone pinged me; I have hated Spy’s implementation forever and have it disabled in my setups. I skimmed the OP and they have the exact right of it; the way even the chance has altered the meta to a silence meta is something I’ve wanted to address forever. It was always on the list of stuff I wanted to rework.

    edit: on the PM reading thing, they had that ability and I had it pulled because it was the most oppressive auto confirm bullshit ever. We’re not going back there; even with a mafia analogue.
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    ►►Re: Frost Giant Studios vs Dreamhaven◄◄

    Dreamhaven is being lead under the old blizzard ethos and clearly has a lot of the old time blizzard heavy hitters there, though frost giant more or less is the whole SC2 team minus Browder that made that game good including lead engineer and lead coop designer.
    I have faith that if you're into RTS that frost giant is your best bet at getting something decent. Dreamhaven's two studios seem to be wildly different in focus (isnt one doing a tabletop?)
    But I think all 3 studios have a much different philosophy to the shareholder ActiBlizz style. I'm interested either way
  6. Forum:Mafia Discussion

    Thread:hewwo uwu,

    Thread Author:theoneceko

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: hewwo uwu,◄◄

    Yeah this came up in design a few years ago. I can’t wholly remember but I think it was to do with bank stability and that more people would have access to black list than prefer so it seemed more beneficial to have blacklist be the one that could save if we had to pick.

    it was either that or it was to try to promote some kind of play style that didn’t stagnate; I remember someone trying to argue the point (might’ve been me tbh) but I want to go with the stability reason.
  7. Forum:Punished Players & Appeals

    Thread:TotAll - 1-S2-1-1383395

    Thread Author:Elixir

    Post Author:Elixir


    {Watch List} ►►TotAll - 1-S2-1-1383395◄◄

    Account Name: TotAll
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1383395
    In-Game Name: Jean Kirstein

    Crimes Committed: Reactionary Game-Throwing

    Your Account Name: Elixir
    D1: GF was afk
    D2: GF runs into vet
    D3: Agent gets voted up, when agent on stand goes on a tirade raging about the afk and calls him out as agent before the flip (even when theres an extra hidden mafia the town doesnt know about so they're not solo yet)
    D4: gets voted up and calls out all the mafia and even states in a 4 man team including the last remaining member.

    Fast forward

    Last remaining member wins anyway in spite of this telling the thrower to go fuck themself. Which was nice.
    Wasn't a planned claim to throw the town off or anything, no 4d chess here. Just an idiot.

    Probably an On Hold. Only other time this guy has been reported was 2016 so I dont think its a major thing.

    Xoxo - Your local balance lead
  8. Forum:Circlejerk

    Thread:welcome back bruno

    Thread Author:Stealthbomber16

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: welcome back bruno◄◄

    Still waiting for the return of mcexplicit
  9. Forum:Circlejerk

    Thread:About Australian Visa

    Thread Author:bennetjack

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: About Australian Visa◄◄

    you don’t want to come here right now. I mean it’s 41C where I am, but there are some places where it could even see 50C. Idk what that is in backwards freedom degrees because I cbf converting it but it’s hot as fuck
  10. Forum:Mafia Discussion

    Thread:Make 12228 Save a thing

    Thread Author:TiMe

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: Make 12228 Save a thing◄◄

    Neutrals are harder to make in a higher kpn setting especially if they are immune but this seems very much closer to an actual team based setting. I reckon you could try it with mafioso + support role and triad + support role to give more of a team aspect rather than the neutrals trying to find each other but I like the concept.

    probably doesn’t need to be super kill focused on the town side as without immunities the counter balance is that scum can also kill each other. Sorta an expansion on 8-3-3-1 triad vs mafia but onto teams of 2.

    it can be balanced. Guess it depends how many kills you want and how explosive you really want to make it. It could end up being a battle Royale rather than a game of mafia if you’re not careful
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    ►►Re: Voss and his unyielding, unforgiving and megalomaniacal tyranny◄◄

    Who even is this guy.

    i miss good trolls like Archangel.
  12. Forum:General Discussion


    Thread Author:Bruno

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    ►►Re: Occupations◄◄

    I’m a medical scientist, known elsewhere around the world as a pathology scientist. When you get a blood test it goes to people like me for analysis and interpretation which is fed back to the clinical team for assessment and treatment. I’m trained in a few disciplines such as haematology, biochemistry and stat microbiology but my interest is transfusion science; whereby I ensure infused blood is compatible with the patient. Most people know about the ABO(D) blood system but did you know there’s well in excess of 20 blood group antigens that sometimes need to be controlled for? I’ve included a table below including percentage chance you’re carrying said blood group antigen.

    This year has been a very different year for my profession. I’m thankful the day by day case numbers in this country has plummeted thanks to effective management. During the height of community transmission we were working crunch hours to try and get as many tests out as possible - I don’t know how international testing centres can keep up with such sustained pressure.

    I also on Occassion travel to remote and rural hospitals to help shore up the country science; travelling 7 hours inland to the middle of the bush. Infact, I’m leaving on another such stint next week. (Sorry mafia 2 has stalled. This year has really taken it out of me )

    Name: 59A58AFC-024C-4FBE-AA21-BB79ED177D9C.png
Views: 10
Size: 17.0 KB
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    Thread:Promotions and lobby status

    Thread Author:aamirus

    Post Author:Elixir

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    [Mechanics / Gameplay] ►►Re: Scumbag should be selectable at start◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by DrTerminus View Post
    I think that would be interesting if scumbag role could be selectable like a starting role in custom save setup, he could have a achievement and a solo win screen associated.
    The default number of scumbags for "random neutral evil" would be 0% except if the host change this.
    The reasons are because some players like hard roles, someone can be creative enough to create a interesting custom setup with a scumbag and is a bit weird that scumbags are the onyl legitimate role that is completly excluded from a starting setup (citizens without vests are powerless and incapable of proving their role but they are possible at start, I think that scumbags should be possible too).
    There is already a win splash for them .

    We've considered it but mostly for the reasons above, chances a very high that people would role quit it. At least with survivor you get a bunch of vests and you can swing whatever way but a scumbag is pretty much a witch that has no abilities. A scum citizen if you will - and we all know how much people like role quitting citizen
  15. Forum:Mafia Discussion

    Thread:8 player setups

    Thread Author:Voss

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: 8 player setups◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Voss View Post
    i forgot about this thread and my friend came across it and we ended up using darknessB's setup. i've gotta add these setups to the narrator. heh


    Serial Killer

    what's the cooldown/limitations on cultist here.
    Damn this is old.

    Cultist should definitely have 1 night between recruits with a serial killer in the game.
    I'd probably say doctor->cultist rather than WD because if they get the WD its probably over.
    doctor prevents conversion. +/- feedback. probably leaning more towards gets feedback
    Serial killer probably should be immune to conversion
    No one immune to detection
  16. Forum:General Discussion

    Thread:Are you Into 3D Printing?

    Thread Author:Elixir

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: Are you Into 3D Printing?◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Brendan View Post
    This is really cool man. One of my good friends is really into 3D printing. He spends hours almost every day learning and messing with 3D modeling. The Nordic armor is crazy. I haven’t ever seen anything of that size printed before.
    Glad you like it! He’s really talented. If you check the second link I think he has photos of his Warcraft armour. He legit printed an entire suit of armour and won one of the local cosplay/crafting competitions down here. He also printed a fuckin iron man suit. The scale of this stuff is actually insane
  17. Forum:News

    Thread:-Mafia 2.0 Beta- Now Live on Battle.Net (Americas)

    Thread Author:Elixir

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: -Mafia 2.0 Beta- Now Live on Battle.Net (Americas)◄◄

    State of the Beta 2 ~
  18. Forum:General Discussion

    Thread:Are you Into 3D Printing?

    Thread Author:Elixir

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Are you Into 3D Printing?◄◄

    Hello people, I hope you are well

    Do you own a 3D printer or are you interested in 3D printing as a hobby? A good friend of mine is a modeller who takes custom commissions for 3D prints and files and he has just started his own eshop where he mostly sells print files (and some already printed goods).
    If you are interested in some cheap 3d print files to make your printers go brr for things like table top RPGs, or cosplay weapons and props I would appreciate checkin' a look at his eshop found here:
    There is actually one file there for free if you want a handle assistant to help paint your miniatures. There are some easy and some complicated builds on here too.
    Additionally, because the shop is in Australian dollars, if you use your american freedom money it will be like half the price . But to further incentivize you, you can use my personal code "ignis" for 10% off as you are all friends of mine.
    If you want a model custom made for print they can do that too at:
    Post below if you check a look and tell me what you think, even if you dont buy anything I appreciate you taking some time to check out my friend's work.

    I hope you're all staying safe wherever you are.

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    ►►Re: spend 2 days making a report and he gets watch list◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by MasterNinja View Post
    start banning people quicker with 1-7 days and let them come to forums if they have a complaint.

    reduce watchlist and get quicker into banning people

    1-7 days is nothing, people just waits it out just like every year and if he break rules again give him 30+
    Coming in here from more of a overarching perspective.
    You have to remember this is a community driven project, we cant just throw every single person into reviewing reports because we need to vet their ability to do so critically but at the same time we need people to process reports. It being voluntary obviously means people are donating their time to the betterment of the game which we appreciate but it is not an expectation.
    Additionally, this entire system goes against the Blizzard Terms of Use.
    See point 2.

    Not to mention all the other content we can probably get done for copyright under point 3 for.

    Blizzard currently turns a blind eye to it because of how we operate it. If we become incredibly draconian with the banlist and "just start blastin'" with bans, Blizzard will just ban the map. We've already been removed twice before and I don't think we really have much in the way of goodwill with anyone remaining on the SC2 Team there. Its a fine balance and we need to ensure the correct checks and balances are in place to ensure that the bans are justified.

    So I appreciate that there is frustrations with how sometimes it feels like people get away with too many chances - but it really is a system we cannot fire too hard with or the map will be removed from
  20. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:State of the Beta 2

    Thread Author:Elixir

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►State of the Beta 2◄◄

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been meaning to write another update for a couple of weeks now which should speak volumes about how volatile of a time we're currently living in. I've gotten a few messages on discord expressing concern about the project because they hadn't seen any notable pushes in a while.
    I'll let @Frinckles speak to his own account but I know that the global issue we find ourselves in with the pandemic really did mess with a lot of things.

    We launched the beta around about the time it was getting underway and we had most of it done up to that point and were able to really crunch down and push it out in like a intense 2 week period which followed with some pretty rapid triage updating.
    During the launch window I was also deployed by my work to another site so I wasn't on hand to test a lot of the other things we had going in the back end; since then my workload has been extremely all over the place. For context, I work as a frontline medical scientist in a regional center outside of major metropolitan areas - and so we needed to rapidly adapt to this whole pandemic situation and deploy a bunch of different testing regimes out. This involves laboratory sites multiple hours apart by car and even when I dont need to travel, being as under resourced as I'mn sure most places are right now trying to hold together a 24/7 roster as well as ensure normal life things dont just break apart has been taking up most of my time so currently I don't have any real R&R time I can spend on a volunteer project.

    I do want to dispel the rumor that the feedback we got like burnt us out so we quit or something, quite the reverse actually - the huge support we got when we launched was nothing short of incredible and it far exceeded the expectations we had going in knowing how rough around the edges it was. I do hope in the coming months we can reconvene and reset out a timeline for update pushes as there were some areas that Frinckles does need some pretty targeting back end testing on which has been blocking some of his work to keep moving with fixing up the beta issues. I don't have any real update on balance or anything like that because for the same reasons above I haven't really been keeping tabs on how games are going.

    Thanks again for continuing to support Mafia and it's development. Hopefully I can update you again in the near future when we're back at some kind of regular cadence .

  21. Forum:Research and Development

    Thread:Investigator Buff

    Thread Author:SuperJack

    Post Author:Elixir


    [Role Change] ►►Re: Investigator Buff◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Frinckles View Post
    It will likely be removed.
    Dont get my hopes up like this
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    {Working as Intended} ►►Re: Silenced targets have delay between votes◄◄

    Intended. Trying to stop silence signaling
  23. Forum:News

    Thread:-Mafia 2.0 Beta- Now Live on Battle.Net (Americas)

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    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: -Mafia 2.0 Beta- Now Live on Battle.Net (Americas)◄◄

    State of the Beta 1 ~
  24. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:State of the Beta 1

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    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►State of the Beta 1◄◄

    Hey everyone, can't believe we've already been live for about a fortnight,

    First of all I'd like to thank you all for getting behind us during this launch period. It's been awesome to see the community jump on and get behind helping us iron out the issues in the map. Obviously not only being the first big update for the map in years but also being FRINCKLE"s first foray into figuring out all the code it was always going to be a little dicey - but I have to congratulate the vast majority of the community in being really pleasant about providing feedback.

    In addition, it's been cool to see both maps co-exist and lobbies fill up for both. I was worried one with cannibalize the other or people would just give up on the beta and go back to release. It's cool to see the coexistence.

    FRINCKLES has been hard at work uploading over 25 update pushes to the beta over the past fortnight trying to resolve glaring issues as they come up. Over the next short while we're going to try to triage a couple of systems based problems, the most glaring being:
    • Charge system feedback being incorrect
    • Certain roles not filling into the correct random slot (IE Escort still being protective not support).

    I'll let him comment on where he's up to as far as bug fixing is concerned and how development is going.

    On the Design side we've been keeping an eye on how the roles are being played.:
    • We updated Oracle to be before kills on the OoO to see if it makes the role clarity a little better but it's still not really being utilized in a wide way. This might need another pass later as the beta proceeds.
    • Elector has had very wild swings as far as power level. Some games they do nothing and others they sweep the game. This is very similar to judge. I think the 1 day between rig option actually balances the role a lot more than I thought. We're still thinking about making it unique and sharing a slot with the judge as when they both show up its chaos. That said, 2 electors in the game has made for some really funny shenanigans so we're still watching. I don't expect us to make nochanges but exactly what change to make is still being evaluated.
    • Armorsmith and Enchantress we haven't got huge amount of data on because of a few charge bugs so nothing to report here yet.
    • Actress seems to be misunderstood by a lot of people expecting the word "Copy" to mean get the ability. Currently the copy lasts for the night of the target and the following day. We think so far when people learn what it does it is having the desired impact. People aren't really playing around it yet so when they get a good copy in the graveyard it has destroyed role counting
    • Poisoner has also been a bit of a contentious topic, even internally. We're trying something different with this role mandating a no immunity NK which has been polarizing. The fact that the kills were sometimes not firing as expected also didnt help perception of the role's strength. What we didn't want to do is make a SK analogue that just kills later in some kind of reverse power creep scenario and having a role list with increasingly more night immune targets artificially strengthens evils and prolongs games. Instead we went with a route where setups could have multiple NKs in a balanced way. Including and excluding roles is something that hosts should do to fit their individual setups. We have seen that in setups where poisoner is the only NK the town win percentage is a little higher than we'd like so we're going to investigate a couple of other changes later in the beta such as a Solo modular option. We still want to support the idea of the Multi Poisoner or as a sub NK setup (including allowing poisoners to win with other NKs. But we're not sure about that one yet).
    • Party Host is way more of a smash hit than we predicted. We're seeing a fewtoo many in games but that could be exacerbated by the fact the town support random isn't functioning correctly yet. We probably want to see this role being used in setups where Spies are excluded so mafia actually talk - and the PHost only blocks this for one/two nights. Having PHosts in a game with Spies doesn't really change the dynamic cause the mafia team doesn't really talk.

    We still have a few feature pushes to come as time allows between bug fix patches. such as Party Host track expansion, model fixes and a few others. We have selected a few more tracks to put into the PHost's repertoire soon including a couple we picked from the suggestion thread here. It's taken a little longer than we expected but please be patient . I would take this opportunity to spoil one track but we have a file with like 6-7 tracks and I don't know which one or two FRINCKLES is going to go with... so ask him.

    I want to do a PHost Battle Royale with 16 tracks in 1v1 polls and the winner getting implemented. Maybe a little later.

    To Close: I'm happy to announce @BankHacker and @theoneceko as the first two beta MVPs on the forum, and to provide their names with a nice glow.

    Keep up the good reporting team -
  25. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:Doesn't give vests

    Thread Author:BankHacker

    Post Author:Elixir


    [Armorsmith] ►►Re: Doesn't give vests◄◄

    People are also still learning the vest button has moved above the vote window so be sure to remind them to look for the small blue square that’ll look more like an actual button later

    additionally, remember that the feedback message you get could still be displaying 1 more than it should - known issue
  26. [Miscellaneous Feedback] ►►Re: Witch Doctor: failure message changed from original version◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by PQRnHack View Post
    In released version, WD failures say something like "Your target did not need saving" (going off memory). In the Test version, it says "You failed to convert your target" meaning WD now receives the same failure msg as a Cultist. Not sure if that was intended or not.

    I don't recall, what is the released version's handling of the case in which WD heals a role that is not convertible to Cult (say, a mason)?
    did you heal a role that actually couldn’t be converted like the mafia? Because that would cause that message if they were attacked iirc.
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    Thread:Log uwu

    Thread Author:theoneceko

    Post Author:Elixir


    [Miscellaneous Feedback] ►►Re: Log uwu◄◄

    This is a limitation of sc2 and battle net being 10 years old. The fact the log works at all is a method of madness. We can try and take another look and see if there have been any UI improvement like the ones that allowed us to make the buttons on the load screen and the armour button but I can’t promise anything.
  28. {Working as Intended} ►►Re: Diva can only copy roles at night with no additional abilities◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by rumox View Post
    If a Diva copies another player, but is killed the same night the copy does NOT take effect. The Diva will flip as Diva. This is assuming that it is the first visit of the Diva.

    If a Diva visits a Sheriff N1, then visits a Doctor N3 and is killed the same night the Diva will flip Sheriff - don't quote me on this tho @Elixir or @Frinckles would be able to explain the role much better than me.
    Not correct.
    Originally actress was going to be after kills on the OoO and last till the following night but before we went live we changed it for clarity.

    Actress will now copy before kills so if she is killed the night she copies she will reveal as the role she copied. If she is lynched the following day she will appear as the role she copied. The copy is coded to clear back to actress at the beginning of the following night.

    it’s a role meant to counter those people who just count the random slots and “figure” the role lost out and force a mass claim in the final 5. It is gy manipulation for the mafia. An actress shouldn’t be trying to needlessly die early but plan her grand show for the mid to late game which can cause town to mislynch if they’re just going on numbers alone. (Plus coroner can find actress so coroner is even stronger)
  29. {Working as Intended} ►►Re: Survivor - vest button remains after role changes (to scumbag in my case)◄◄

    So with the armorsmith being added to the game vests now work on an item charge system and survivors are just credited vests at game start so I think this is probably going to be intended behaviour. Yay survivor buffs I guess.
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    [Party Host] ►►Re: Petition to Expand Party Host's Musical Repertoire◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by MaShY View Post
    Some super-troll suggestions so far!

    I submit my royalty-free copyright-free work:

    I don't care if you even credit me. Fuck, you can say MikeU wrote this gaylord funky disco shit.

    Use as you see fit, or not at all. (edit: proof attached)
    @Frinckles I think we can make this happen.
    All music we use is credited in the help menu. So if it gets used you’ll be in there, and will get a slightly shiny name on the forum for being a contributor. (Can’t remember if we announced that we’re hoping to give the best submitters over the course of the beta those names too but hey keep up the bug reports all

    edit: now I think about it we can probably also enabled animated avatars for that subgroup too. Extra bonus )
  31. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:Voting cancels party host's party

    Thread Author:rumox

    Post Author:Elixir


    {Resolved} ►►Re: Voting cancels party host's party◄◄

    Confirmed. Added to top post.

    Thanks for the report!
  32. Forum:General Discussion

    Thread:Whats New?

    Thread Author:Firebringer

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►Re: Whats New?◄◄

    Get on the arcade and smash out some 2.0 my dude. It’s a new age.

    Welcome back.
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    [Actress / Diva] ►►Re: I think diva/actress are really overhyped◄◄

    A little more perspective, we dont want to create a role that just out performs consig. I'm trying to not just introduce power creep as far as roles are concerned - like I dont want armorsmith to just replace doctor in every setup -- thats why the 1 night between armors exists, we took out handing armor to self and the poisoner needs doctors around or it cant be stopped. Similarly, if Actress just becomes a exact role on always 4 charge super consig in the meta we'll change it.
  34. Forum:Mafia Discussion

    Thread:Mafia 2.0

    Thread Author:Dark.Revenant

    Post Author:Elixir


    Sticky: ►►Re: Mafia 2.0◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow View Post
    We've actually got something interesting planned for the current SC2Mafia map. There's no schedule yet for it's release,'ll know when it hits.
    It hit
  35. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:Veteran & Poisoner Bug

    Thread Author:theoneceko

    Post Author:Elixir


    {Resolved} ►►Re: Veteran & Poisoner Bug◄◄

    Confirmed and added to issue list. - Thanks for your report.
  36. {Working as Intended} ►►Re: Am I the only one thinking the Oracle should change his choice?◄◄

    That should be how it works.

    Oracles should be able to change their target at night (though this happens after the kills so you need to be careful about putting stuff in your last will because if you die the night you try to change you'll reveal your old target).

    If you dont have buttons after your first target put the replay up because that isnt intended.
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    [Actress / Diva] ►►Re: I think diva/actress are really overhyped◄◄

    Really depends on how it ends up landing. Could make the copy last the following night, not the night of copy etc etc.

    Theres a bunch of levers we can fiddle with but the main point is the actress is meant to try and sorta set up the day before by seeming pretty scummy and then doing the copy to mess with the graveyard list so people who count the roles left and try to figure it out that way end up miscounting, and potentially mislynching because they thing theres no Town Investigative slots left for example.

    The Actress shouldn't be trying to die n1 or n2.

    If we change it to the copy stays to the following night it'd also allow the Actress to suicide if the situation demands it to force a copy show. - It was originally going to be like that but we changed it to the night they do the copy incase they get killed same night.
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    [Known Issue] ►►Re: No death description for quitters◄◄

    • Players leaving the game may have no death description in the graveyard
    • Save slots currently will not back up certain role weightings

    Known issues in the top thread.

    Thanks for reporting
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    [Party Host] ►►Re: Petition to Expand Party Host's Musical Repertoire◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by theoneceko View Post
    And. PLEASE no Despacito. I will scream and spam EVERY PARTY NIGHT if I've to listen to that god-awful song.
    I can guarantee they'll have to kill me and my next of kin before I let that song get into this map.
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    [Party Host] ►►Re: Petition to Expand Party Host's Musical Repertoire◄◄

    Like we already use Ace Attorney and Godfather stuff. It's not out of the question, and its a lot easier now that the arcade is free/we're a non profit. We do normally only take small stings rather than full tracks to save space and most events are <1 min anyway (especially nights)

    Blizzard mostly will only act if they receive a complaint, they're very reactionary but we're still going to try and be respectful where we can.

    Keep suggesting. We're likely to add more over the course of the test (we dont want to balloon the map size too much)
  41. Replies

    [Party Host] ►►Re: Petition to Expand Party Host's Musical Repertoire◄◄

    I might as well officialise it. We absolutely have always planned to have P Host launch with at least 4 songs.

    We're watching... we can dodge a little bit of copyright but we have to be pretty careful in this department. --

    Blizzard proprietary stuff is probably a lot easier to get away with...

    Looking at you One Night in Karazhan...
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    [User Interface] ►►Re: Jailor can jail dead people + multiple jailing options◄◄

    All that the buttons do is put the chat command in for you - but this might be an issue with the buttons just not hiding at night (I think the judge has this problem too.)

    Gonna look into it
  43. [Known Issue] ►►Re: Marshall executioners kill all units on board + suggestion to leavers◄◄

    Known Issues in the top thread. We're looking into em.

    • Players leaving the game may have no death description in the graveyard
    • Some new models may be attacked by the executions before they are executed (firebat one mostly)
  44. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:Available Vest Count Bug

    Thread Author:Stealthbomber16

    Post Author:Elixir


    [Known Issue] ►►Re: Available Vest Count Bug◄◄

    Known issue in the top thread.


    • Armorsmith and Enchantress feedback after use may return an incorrect value
  45. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:The Replay to end all Replays

    Thread Author:Guy

    Post Author:Elixir


    {Resolved} ►►Re: The Replay to end all Replays◄◄

    This issue should have been resolved with latest upload.

    Let us know if it happens again!
  46. Replies

    {Resolved} ►►Re: Game started changing from day to night randomly◄◄

    This issue should have been resolved with latest upload.

    Let us know if it happens again!
  47. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:More Bugs & Feedback

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    Post Author:Elixir


    [Miscellaneous Bug] ►►Re: More Bugs & Feedback◄◄

    1) Known Issue. Check the sticky.
    2) It's probably the fact the party disables if you vote. We're tracking it - I'll check the replay out later.

    1) Yeah if you read the patch notes we are of the opinion elector might be too strong. We're watching it I have some design notes in the patch notes thread. Very interested to continue to receive more feedback as people play it more - I think it'll end up becoming a unique role and share a slot with judge but we'll see!
    2) It'll be more obvious when we update the button to look like a vest or something. We can't put it beside the name cause of the new jailor/p host buttons - it's a placeholder UI element right now
    3) Thanks a lot . Your enthusiasm is really something - after all the work we put in we're so happy people like it and are taking the time to help us iron it out.
  48. Forum:News

    Thread:-Mafia 2.0 Beta- Now Live on Battle.Net (Americas)

    Thread Author:Elixir

    Post Author:Elixir


    ►►-Mafia 2.0 Beta- Now Live on Battle.Net (Americas)◄◄

    Hello everyone.

    We're excited to announce that the first major expansion for Mafia is now available for testing on on the Americas server

    Search for -Mafia 2.0 Beta- and you can host a lobby! -- Or follow this link: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/318621

    We're hoping to get a lot of bug feedback and general balance/feel feedback as we iterate over the next few weeks, everything is subject to change and alteration.
    Your banks will work and will update on the map, but due to the unstable nature of testing we recommend everyone backs up their bank before going hard on it.
    We have a list of known issues in that forum too so take a look

    Please give your feedback in this forum!

    I'd like to take a moment to shout out @Frinckles - I've worked with a few prospective devs since @Dark.Revenant retired but there hasn't been anyone with more of a passion to get this back alive than this guy. He copped a lot of undeserved flak last year when he was first learning the ropes on the map and I think every damn person on this forum should comment on this thread with Thanks Frinckles, you're a top bloke - because without his determination this wouldn't be happening at all.

    If you have issues with this iteration of the map, flame me this time too because a lot of the design decisions were mine not his, he just coded it

    Also like to give a shout out to @Arrow . Managing this staff set is sometimes not an easy task and he balances that as well as managing all of the different versions we had floating about. Without his assistance we would have lost heaps more time to version mismatches and all kinds of broken stuff.

    We still have a fair way to go before this update is ready to supersede the main map, and the reason we're hosting them in parallel is so people can host either the stable main map or the experimental new map - Thanks for coming along with us for the ride.

    Beta Related News:

    State of the Beta 1:

    State of the Beta 2:
  49. Forum:Research and Development

    Thread:Added Option: Consig Read PMs

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    [Role Change] ►►Re: Added Option: Consig Read PMs◄◄

    The exact role option as a whole is overpowered. It's a legacy option really - if its becoming the norm for consigs to have it then we might adopt the other option to just restrict PMs to conformable.

    Restricting PMs from revealed governments isn't a bad idea - Also sorta buffs crier as a government because they can still reveal and receive PMs.

  50. Forum:Mafia 2.0 Public Test

    Thread:Patch Notes and Known Issues

    Thread Author:Elixir

    Post Author:Elixir


    Sticky: ►►Patch Notes and Known Issues◄◄

    Spoiler : Known Issues :

    • Legacy models not functioning
    • Victory Splashes not updated / New Neutrals don't have them yet
    • 8-3-3-1 Variant Not Yet Implemented
    • Cult Variant Not Yet Implemented
    • SOTD replacements not yet Implemented
    • Rare issue where magic kills will show up as Serial Killer kills to Coroners
    • Hats may not be functioning correctly on certain models because they may lack an attachment point
    • Marshall reveal music still not working (we know, we're trying)
    • Certain UI elements or buttons may show up as squares rather than buttons
    • Some new models may be attacked by the executions before they are executed (firebat one mostly)
    • Spooky sounds after a magic duel last a little too long
    • Enchantress Kill may not use the Witch's one shot immunity charge in certain situations.
    • Elector may say the votes were rigged against you when you actually received votes instead.
    • Jester Annoy may not be providing correct feedback
    • Armorsmith can give vests to self option not functioning (we're going to remove this option anyway)
    • Armorsmith and Enchantress feedback after use may return an incorrect value
    • Escort may spawn in town protective rather than town support
    • Poisoner may not spawn in Neutral Killing
    • There is an option for Town Support random to exclude Fruit Vendor (that doesnt do anything)
    • Poisoner role card states poisoner invulnerable at night when it is not / Doesnt pierce immunity when it does.
    • Setup of the day options may not function correctly.
    • Some legacy Arsonist day burn stuff might still be in the client that we cut
    • Players leaving the game may have no death description in the graveyard
    • Save slots currently will not back up certain random exclusion options
    • Poisoner win conditions incorrectly set (will not win 1v1s or exist in setups without opposing teams)
    • Certain roles with 3 use options are currently only being credited two actions (Vig, Veteran, Survivor, Ench. ? More
    • Party Host vote button will cancel party that is planned

    Spoiler : Version 1.2 (Test Launch) Dev Version 26.5) :

    User Interface Changes


    • -Chat will no longer dim after finding out who died the previous night.
    • -The last will background color has been changed from yellow to blue.
    • -The chat box for the options menu is larger.
    • -The options menu has been extended.. This will allow more options in the future to be accommodated.
    • -New loading screen.
    • -Dialog frame updates.
    • -New buttons added for Jailor/Kidnapper/Interrogator to select jail target during the day. Mayor/Marshall/Judge can also do their respective actions this way. This also applies to our new role the Party Host
    • - Models updated (Pending review, older models currently N/A until we can loop back around to reenable them)

    Setup and Game Options
    -New basic 9-3-3 variant added.

    -Added option for one-shot Witch Night Immunity
    As the Witch has two different visitations, it seemed like a good idea to give it a bit more flexibility in targeting itself and not being shot by Mafia by mistake. This is the first implementation of a one-shot NI that isn't vest related, so I'll be watching it closely.

    -Added option to disallow Judge from talking at night:
    This allows Crier to be confirmable as a Town Gov when Judge is not in play, while not infringing on the Judge's ability to court and kill confirmed roles. By default they will be able to talk.

    -Executioner can no longer be night immune:
    Executioner often feels lazy and devalues other neutral benign like Survivor because of it's night immunity. The lack of repercussions to falsely outing an apparent "Triad" day one while pretending to be Sheriff can be frustrating to Town as well; This is mostly because the Town doesn't have much incentive to stop and kill a possibly anti-town player that isn't a Mafia member or Neutral Killing. To that point, simply needing to see your target lynched while being night immune has the tendency to create unavoidable king-maker situations late game where the game is decided essentially by coin flip. Making Executioner a bit more vulnerable will allow the role to be more challenging and rewarding to play as they'll gain some of the risks other benign roles experience.

    -Option added to Arsonist for a One-Shot Day Ignition:
    This is the first ever day kill(s) in SC2Mafia. Goal was to give Arsonist a trade-off option to cash in on his douses at the cost of not gaining visitation kills he otherwise would if he had ignited at night. It'll likely make Arsonist a much more sinister and flexible neutral killing role; It's unusable during court, trial or discussion. I'll be evaluating how strong kills during the day are if we are to re-visit roles like Gunsmith or Day Vigilante Options in the future.

    EDITORS NOTE: Look ill be honest I thought we cut this option before we went live but apparently this actually made it in. We're pretty sure we're gonna cut it but because its currently in the build I've put it back in the patch notes so we can get some feedback on it.

    -New player models

    -Pausing has been disabled. (Already implemented in main client)

    -Player numbers have been added to feedback for night actions:
    This will help players more easily identify who did what at night. Feedback will look like "Your target was visited by 3 TealDragonHead."

    -Minimum required points needed to play advanced roles changes from 200 -> 350

    -New Role Distributions and New Category: Town Support

    Generally, role placement in classes had quite a bit of overlap. Government implies hard-confirmability, Power implies Swinginess, Protection implies Protection etc. -- There were quite a few roles that simply didn't fit the definition of their role's class so this will allow them to be moved to something a bit more broad. Newer roles (and upcoming ones) with abilities that are more communicative or utility-based will also fit here.

    -Changes to which roles are in which category for purposes of randoms and the inclusion of a new town category for roles that don't fit the other categories.
    Roles like Bus Driver (currently power, protection) don't exactly fit into both role classes and will be removed from one. For example, although they can redirect a kill on a confirmed town member, it's highly likely that they get another one killed in their stead. The swinginess of the role and it's ability to spread misinformation because visitations in last wills becomes incorrect makes them exclusively Town Power. Other roles who suffer from similar problems will be adjusted in this way as well.

    New Roles

    -Oracle -- Town Support

    A Martyr for the Town.

    Actions: Visit one person at night, if you are killed the role of your target will be revealed to the town. (As expected, Witch / Bus Driver / Enchantress visitations can change the Oracle's apparently target.. If an Oracle suicides for any reason, the effect will not trigger.)


    1. Cannot be role-blocked (Default: ON)

    -Party Host -- Town Support

    The Nightlife of the Town.

    Actions: Call a party one night in which the entire town attends and can continue discussion. You must wait a day before being able to host a party and you must wait a day in between each party (if two parties may be hosted.) All other chat channels aside from Jailor(s) and their victim(s) will be disrupted at night while everyone is allowed to talk as if it were day time. (E,g Mafia members will not know who their partners are targeting or targeted; Cultists cannot talk to each-other but still vote to convert.)


    1. 2 Parties allowed (Default: OFF)

    -Enchantress -- Town Protective

    Magic. Lots of Magic.

    Actions: Attract a target to target you and repel a target away from you (you must do both in order for the action to happen). Luring a Witch will kill the Enchantress. Repelling a Witch will kill the Witch. If a Witch targets an Enchantress she will die. Magical battles. Repel Targets that target the Enchantress will instead Self Target


    1. Knows if Repel Target Visited (Default: ON)
    2. Lure victim knows he is controlled (Default: ON)
    3. 3 spells allowed (Default: ON)
    4. 4 spells allowed (Default: OFF)

    -Armorsmith -- Town Protective

    Help those who cannot help themselves.

    Actions: Give a one use vest to a target which when used will make them night immune for one night. (Players can use vests alongside their normal night actions. Survivors / Citizens have been changed slightly to use this 'pool' of vests as well.)


    1. 3 armors allowed (Default: ON)
    2. 4 armors allowed (Default: OFF)
    3. 1 Night between dispensing vests (Default: OFF)

    -Actress/Diva -- Mafia/Triad Deception

    Be the best liar you can be. Even when you're dead!

    Actions: Target a player at night and copy their role ID. When killed at night or the next day, you will show up in the graveyard as your copied role rather than your actual role. (Visitation changes via Bus Driver / Witch / Enchantress will manipulate the copied role as expected.) With default options, the Actress is limited to 2 copies. Be careful with the options, the role is very powerful as is.


    1. Becomes Mafioso if Alone (Default: ON)
    2. 3 copies allowed (Default: OFF)
    3. 4 copies allowed (Default: OFF)
    4. Can Target Mafia/Triad (Default: ON)
    5. Learns Target's Role (Default: OFF)

    -Elector -- Neutral Evil

    Suffer without Suffrage.

    Action: Move one player's vote to another player once per night. (These votes can be be redirected to the Elector himself, or to another played to incriminate them. If a player with additional votes dies, those votes are lost forever regardless of if the Elector dies.)


    1. 3 vote redirections (Default: ON)
    2. 4 vote redirections (Default: OFF)
    3. 1 night between redirections (Default: ON)
    4. Victim knows he has been rigged (Default: OFF)
    5. Can Self Target (Default: ON)

    Balance Note: We expect that this role could be very strong and are still considering another option causing votes to go back to targets after the following night cycle as they are currently permanently taken or alternatively making it a Unique role that shares a slot with the Judge (Like how Mayors and Marshalls cant spawn together we can make Judges and Electors unique to each other) We are very interested in seeing how this role plays in practice and are expecting to have to aggressively change this based on how it plays in practice.

    -Poisoner -- Neutral Killing

    They'll never see it coming.

    Action: Poison a player who will die in a futute night. If timing options are disabled the Poisoned target will die the following night.


    1. Victim knows he has been Poisoned (Default: OFF)
    2. Target Dies Two Nights Later (Default: ON)
    3. Target Dies Three Nights Later (Default: OFF)
    4. Doctors can heal Poison (Default: ON)

    Balance Note: We're still deciding whether we want Bodyguards to interact with the role or not. Seeing as it has a slightly delayed KPN to a serial killer currently we're thinking that the poisoners unique quirk could be getting around the killy boi but we'll see how it goes. Currently the doctor can heal the poison at anytime if the option is on. If it ends up being underpowered we'll make adjustments.

    Also note that currently they cannot be made immune at night and poisons be default ignore all immunities. We'll see how this goes in testing. We can make changes if needed.

    Spoiler : Version 1.4 (Dev Version v27) :

    Arsonist Day Burn Disabled (RIP)
    Mason Leader, DH, GF will no longer have highlighted text during parties.
    Fix to Day/Night Desync Command Errors.
    Other small error fixes

    Spoiler : Version 1.6 (Dev Version v28.5) :

    -Bank Save adjustments so that chances are properly recorded. (Role Options Fixed, Random options still not saving)
    -Night Immunity and pierce options on Poisoner are hidden as they're not intended.
    -Reduced Lobby start time from 10 to 3 seconds.

    Spoiler : Version 1.8 (Dev Version v29) :

    -More changes to save slots. Should hopefully fix certain settings not saving. Primarily Actress and Randoms.
    -Added option for Sheriff to detect Poisoner.
    -Added possibility for Framer to frame target as Poisoner.
    -Added the 'Invulnerable' flag to a few units. These units should hopefully not be attacked by executions.
    -Temporarily disabled the Mothership and Dragon executions. They'll be back (sorry!)
    -Removed sound loop from Magic kills and removed debug feedback from Enchantress.
    -Elector is now able to win with other factions and evils.
    -Elector and Poisoner should be able to win 1v1 against town.
    -Various Menus cleaned up.
    -Tweaked certain day-time buttons to work better. (Party Host, Mayor, Marshall) [Party Host 'vote' fix?]
    -Mafia members should be able to enjoy parties now.
    -Jailors who are jailing and the person they kidnapped should not be allowed to enjoy parties now.
    -Vests will no longer default to being on after using one the previous night.

    Spoiler : Version 2.0 (Dev Version v30) -- Current Patch -- :

    -Roles are now properly given the used indicated in the options.
    -Party Host will not longer stop throwing a party if they vote.
    -Game intro changed to "Mafia 2"
    -Poisoners should now properly be immune to poison.
    -Basketballs placed in the town discussion area.

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