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    Sticky: ►►Re: Site Rules◄◄

    Note that those rules replace the outdated ruleset that has been archived.
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    Thread:Site Rules

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    Sticky: ►►Site Rules◄◄

    By posting on this site, you hereby agree to abide to these rules.
    For a list of active staff, click here (link).

    The Golden Rule: If you believe that what you plan to do on this site is wrong, then do not do it, or ask a moderator to know if it's allowed. That should keep you from most trouble.

    No autoplay
    If you post any autoplay videos anywhere on the site, you will be given one 10 point infraction per autoplay video. If you quote an autoplay video, you will be given a 7 point infraction, per video quoted.

    Possible Infractions: Griefing - 7 points, Quick Ban - 10 points

    No hacking
    If you hack or promote hacking the website, the Sc2 Mafia Arcade game or Sc2 Mafia Arcade banks, you will be banned permanently.

    Possible Infractions: Permaban - 150 points

    No NSFW
    If you wish to send strictly NSFW things to someone, do it privately, don't post them on the forums. Pornography will be deleted and very probably infracted.

    Possible Infractions: Various depending on the nature of the NSFW content, Board Rules Violation - 2 points, General Belligerence - 3 points, Quick Ban - 10 points

    No advertisement spam
    Advertising anything if you have less than 5 posts is not allowed. This is to prevent people from making accounts solely to advertise. If you'd like to let us know of another community or website, you are allowed to do so, but moderators reserve the right to warn or infract you if you make it excessive. This includes but is not limited to Mafia/Werewolf-themed sites; if you want to advertise an off-site forum mafia game, feel free to do so in a reasonable manner. Also note that commercial advertisements are strictly forbidden: remember that this is a Mafia site.

    Possible Infractions: Various depending on the nature of the advertisement, Board Rules Violation - 2 points, General Belligerence - 3 points, Griefing - 7 points, Quick Ban - 10 points, Spammed Advertisements - 15 points

    No staff impersonation
    If you impersonate staff members or pretend to be a staff member when you aren't one, you may be infracted at the moderators' discretion.

    Possible Infractions: Board Rules Violation - 2 points

    No thread spamming
    Spamming is bad, and if you start spamming threads or derailing them by posting off-topic things, you will be infracted for each post. These posts also are subject to deletion.

    Possible Infractions: Regular Post Spam - 1 point

    No posting of personal information or promotion of illegal activities
    If you post nudity or personal information of another forum member (like a Facebook account or pictures from social media) without their permission, you will be permanently banned. You will also be permabanned if you promote illegal activities.

    Possible Infractions: Permaban - 150 points

    No necroing non-troll threads
    If you post in a non-troll thread whose last post has been at least 2 weeks ago, you must be adding something relevant to the discussion. Otherwise, you may be infracted.

    Possible Infractions: Board Rules Violation - 2 points

    No mention system abuse
    Mentions ( @someone ) are for the purpose of bringing someone's attention to a post, particularly to one in a discussion that person is not a part of or to a post that they might otherwise miss. Actions deemed as abuse of the mention system, such as mentioning people who are irrelevant to the given post, mentioning people multiple times over the course of a discussion, or "doubling up" on a mention by mentioning someone you quoted (as quotes already send a person a notification) are not allowed. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn't message the person privately about it, don't mention them. This does not apply to Forum Mafia games.

    Possible Infractions: Board Rules Violation - 2 points, General Belligerence - 3 points

    No personal attacks
    You may not personally insult other members harshly or repeatedly, and may be infracted if you do so. Keep in mind that criticism of another member's takes is not a personal attack. Throwing slurs and inflammatory speech around for no reason other than to offend is. Note that if the attacked member reports the post, it will be considered more severely than if it is reported by someone else, and even more severely than if it isn't reported at all, although the post doesn't have to be reported to be infracted; the moderators reserve the right to warn or infract any offensive post regardless of reports.

    Possible Infractions: General Belligerence - 3 Points, Being an Asshat - 4 points, Severely Insulting Another Member - 5 Points, Griefing - 7 Points

    No extreme bigoted language
    You may not engage in extreme homophobic, racist, sexist, or other bigoted language on this site. If you need to use such rhetoric, perhaps these forums are not the place for you. We may choose to exercise leniency for new members.

    Possible Infractions: Board Rules Violation - 2 points, Being an Asshat - 4 points, Griefing - 7 Points

    Hide spoilers if you post them
    This qualifies for anything that has been out for only two weeks. If you saw a movie that was just released, don't post the spoilers for it unless you post it within a spoiler tag or password protected post. Do not post the spoiler as the title of your thread. This falls under General Belligerence and or Logical Fallacy infraction.

    Possible Infractions: Thread/Post deletion, warning, Logical Fallacy - 1 point, General Belligerence - 3 points

    Do not create smurfs to break site rules
    If you create an alt account, post, and your post breaks a site rule, your main account will be given the infraction and your alt account will be banned. Creating an alt account to bypass a ban will result in your main account getting a 10 point infraction.

    Possible Infractions: Various - Depending on which rule is broken, Made Alt Account - 10 Points

    Questions about staff and appeals for forum infractions go to the Answer Hall
    For the sake of the site's enjoyability, questions about staff, their decisions, or reports of mod abuse belong in the Answer Hall or in the in-game reports section for the Arcade map -Mafia- if it's about in-game mod abuse unless it is explicitely stated otherwise in a thread made by staff. Failure to respect this rule may lead to infractions. The same goes for applications for staff positions.

    Possible Infraction: Board Rules Violation - 2 Points

    Warnings: Moderators reserve the right to warn a member or to infract a member. You do not need to be warned for something to get an infraction for something.

    Signatures: If a moderator sees a post with a signature that breaks an above rule, they will infract you for it. You have 24 hours to change the signature before you are infracted again and see your signature changed by an administrator. This also applies to user titles.

    Excessive violations: Infraction point counts for offenses can and will exceed normal values if you have more than three infractions in the same category, or at staff's discretion.

    Reputation system: You will be banned from the reputation system if you abuse it (i.e, ganging up on someone to negatively rep them, insult a member with the reputation system, etc.). If this happens, you will be stripped of every usergroup.

    Ban durations
    If your infraction points go over 10 points, you will be automatically banned.
    10 pts = 1 day
    12 pts = 3 days
    14 pts = 6 days
    16 pts = 10 days
    20 pts = 2 weeks
    150 pts = Forever!

    Appealing a moderator's decision: If you feel like a Moderator acted unfairly in infracting or warning you, post your appeal in the Answer Hall. The Answer Hall can only be seen by Super Moderators and Administrators.

    Regarding mentions: For the purposes of rule enforcement, mentions (i.e. tagging someone in a post like @someone ) are considered PMs, and misuse of mentions is considered equivalent to misuse of PMs.

    Regarding some sections of the site: Some sections of the site have rule sets that are specific to them. The rules of those sections override the rules in this thread if they specifically state something that conflicts with the rules in this thread; otherwise, the rules of this thread still apply in addition to the section-specific rules. Here is the list of sections that use such additional rule sets:
    Forum Mafia - Forum Mafia Rules
    Circlejerk - Circlejerk Rules
    Serious Discussion & Debate - Serious Discussion & Debate Rules
    Sc2 Mafia Arcade - Do not post in report threads if you are not the reporter, the reported, or a staff member. Also note that frivolous appeals may result in increased punishments.
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