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    ►►Challenge: FM Formula◄◄

    Let's imagine this to be a basic FM formula that determines the outcome of the game:

    ( Tt + Th ) - ( St + Sh ) = Outcome

    Tt = Towns ability to Appear Town.
    Th = Towns ability to Scum Hunt.
    St = Scums ability to Appear Town.
    Sh = Scums ability to derail Scum Hunts.

    The challenge is to make a different formula. A formula that is as complex as possible, with lots of variables presumably.

    And a probability-based question:
    Is this statement true?
    "adding an odd player always increases the mafia winning-chance"
    Like, in a normal FM setup, when you have 12 player slots - adding 1 citizen would always crease the mafia odds of winning?
    It's random statement found here. I understand none of it, but I can read a text and found such a sentence in it.
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