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    ►►Re: Why are non-setup-specific 'things' in setups?◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by OzyWho View Post
    Whether different phase lengths are wanted or not has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion whether they should be in the setup page present. What's the argument there?
    It affects balance. Longer day = more discussion = harder for scum. They need to be in the setup page to account for balance.

    Quote Originally Posted by OzyWho View Post
    Those things in your first paragraph - I'm not seeing the point/argument there either. I never suggested to have every option available in every setup, I suggested to approve what options are available for each setup (and which aren't) beforehand.
    Time, rules, lynch type, chats all greatly affect balance and need to be taken into account when considering to approve a setup or not. Once the setup is approved as appropriately balanced, nothing should be changed. Having these things in the setup is absolutely necessary and not really restrictive at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by OzyWho View Post
    You made it sound like making the decisions in the signups is a bad thing. Why? There's no difficulty from the Host's perspective to choose one of the pre-approved options. There's no inconvenience to the players.
    Some setups favor scum slightly. Having a longer day length can help swing the balance back toward being neutral. Having a bunch of different pre-approved setups and letting the host change a major game mechanic last minute will lead setups toward being even more imbalanced than most of them already are.
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