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    Thread:S-FM Eternal Conflict (off-queue game) Take 2

    Thread Author:AIVION

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    ►►Re: S-FM Eternal Conflict (off-queue game) Take 2◄◄

    God-Emperor Leto Atreides II reporting for duty.
    Father, how do you wish me to address you? Dune Messiah? Muad'Dib?
    The religion of Muad'Dib is a fake!
    60 billion people died in your Jihad, while you did not have the courage that I had.
    I endured ~3500 years of torment, all for the good of humanity. I was alone. I will forever be remembered as a Tyrant. I am more Worm than Human.

    Paul, Father. I have come to stop you.
    I foresee every one of your moves before you even think of them. Your powers are nothing compared to mine, for you didn't have the courage to go through this metamorphosis nor to endure thousands years of torment.
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