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  1. ►►Re: Fancy poem discussion / fakeness in society◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post

    I interpret the poem to be about a sentimental woman who is struggling to let go of a friendship she lost when things got romantic. Maybe there is something to be said about how her reluctance to confront the flower is just like the way people struggle to confront one another, and so our relationships stagnate rather than grow, due to the walls we put up... Is that what you mean?
    Yes, that is exactly what I mean. There is a level of depth never attained by a lot of people in any relationship imo, and that's what I'm talking about. I'm not saying everyone should completely open their hearts to random people in the streets xD.

    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    Fakeness is a curious thing, imo. A lie can be extremely honest yet the truth can be extremely deceptive. Rather than seeing fakeness and honesty as a give and take, consider the possibility that they are not mutually exclusive? You can be simultaneously as fake as you need to be yet as honest with yourself as possible!
    Uh... what
    No, you can't both be honest and fake, these are opposites! Unless you're talking about lying in a way that still truly represents your real opinion, mindset, etc., in which case you're lying but are not being fake.

    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    In other words, I think you should try to be exactly as honest as you feel comfortable being / feel is appropriate. If that means you behave honestly in a situation, then great. If that means you act utterly fake, you can still be completely forthright in your fakeness! Also, honesty is something that needs to be earned to a degree... I don't think it's fair to expect people to share their true feelings for free. I think what's bad is when people are fake for the sake of trying to impress others or needlessly suck up to them.
    Yeah, I wasn't saying people should open their hearts to strangers, if that's what it looked like. But choosing to live a social lie constantly seems very superficial and unsatisfying to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by yzb25 View Post
    p;edit tho, something that I probably didn't emphasize enough in this whimsical post is that in many (err most) situations you have a responsibility to be honest. I am not trying to say you should lie for convenience then own it... that would be a bit sociopathic XD. I'm thinking of the funeral situation and stuff like that
    Well, it's probably safe to say a lot of people don't view honesty as a responsibility :P.
  2. ►►Fancy poem discussion / fakeness in society◄◄

    I stumbled upon this poem thanks to people thinking they're wise and cultivated because they put poems everywhere. I don't even remember where I first found it lol. But here it is anyway, found it from the title:

    It very much seems to be about love relationships, but I think it can be extended to social relationships in general. It made me question the way people act towards eachother (or rather, it made this questioning more acute), always trying to avoid confrontation or disagreement to the point of diluting their messages or literally lying to people's face. I'm half including myself in "people" here, because while I try my best not to do that, sometimes it's hard to avoid and sometimes it just seems inappropriate and unavoidable (like at a funeral, for example). But here's my question: how much should we embrace this fakeness and how much should we reject it, and when/where? I think there's way too much of it in society, but rejecting it completely is probably unreasonable, so where's the line?
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