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    Thread:Framing Narratives

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    ►►Re: Framing Narratives◄◄

    The majority of people need to stop watching the news, get off the internet, and just enjoy life.

    For the most part, if you get to know your neighbours and co-workers a bit more and look past their political affiliations, you'll find that they're decent people that you can have a beer with and even invite them to your BBQs.

    The problem is the internet, specifically social media, that is driving this vitriol and hate towards one another because suddenly a bunch of uninformed people and armchair experts suddenly have access to a giant megaphone for everyone to hear. And the problem has gotten worse in recent years because traditional media has amplified these people's messages by quoting social media for cheap reactions all in order to save on production costs (but that's another story for another time).

    Naturally, it's absolutely entertaining watching Americans, and everyone else learning from Americans, tear each other apart with the advent of the social media. Everything is so hyper-politicized these days that even shit like CRT, which has traditionally only been taught in law schools, is making rounds in the public social media consciousness - this forum dedicated to a niche minigame included.

    I strongly believe that people, who are not experts in the field they're talking about, need to focus on shutting the fuck up and just let the experts do the talking. To think otherwise is a dangerous mixture of arrogance, narcissism, and consequential dangers. The only way societies are going to survive this tsunami of culture wars will unfortunately be time over generations. People and their old ideas will have to die out so that the new ideas will take over. The alternative will be a totalitarian government.
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