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    [WIP] ►►Re: S-FM: Choose Your Own Adventure◄◄

    Quote Originally Posted by Slaol View Post
    what if mafioso shoots a framer? gg dude

    the host nerf and buff will be applied to any and possibly all parts of a host interaction, though I wont specify what it will be of course. One example is that a basic flip may be a role and alignment, but a nerfed flip would be "???" and a buffed flip may include bonus information otherwise unexpected.

    There are many more ways it could go
    I think he gets fucking smitten by God himself for teamkilling

    Ok, I'll keep it interesting and not discuss it too hard then, I get the idea.
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    [WIP] ►►Re: S-FM: Choose Your Own Adventure◄◄

    So I guess Consort > Escort > Framer > Mafioso > Blacksmith > Mafioso sacrifice > Citizen sacrifice is the OoO?

    The setup isn't finished yet so I'll leave u alone with day/night and lynch mechanics for now lol just add them when u want to, I guess they're the standard or close to it

    Your setup is very fun-looking, and it's part of the kind of setups I always wanted to play, so
    Once again, this requires an experimented and talented host, so this won't be hostable by everyone.

    Can the "severe nerf of host information" be something like "no flips" or "no day lenght visible", or fake night feedbacks? Or more crazy stuff that would require something? Btw feel free to stay silent on those if it would break the game's spirit.

    Looking forward to this setup's completion
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