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    Thread:S-FM D e m o c r a z y (14P)

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    [WIP] ►►Re: S-FM D e m o c r a z y (14P)◄◄

    I think the real effect of this kind of mechanic is that it will make it far easier to CFD.

    Imagine day 1, the trains are dead locked with 6 votes for Player A and 6 votes for Player B (with a single player not voting, and another player casting a vanity vote for Player C)

    Because the main trains are A vs B, anyone that wants A eliminated will place a support vote on B. Anyone that wants B eliminated places a support vote on A. So now the trains are at 6+ votes and 6- votes each, for a total weight of 3v3

    Nearing EoD a CFD engages, 1 player from train A and 1 player from train B switch their votes off to vote for C instead, C now goes from 1 vote to 3 votes. The two main trains, that still have 5 voters a piece on them, are now sitting at 2 and 2. Player C is eliminated.

    Normally you would need 4 voters, 2 from each wagon, to switch to C to get them cleanly eliminated. But with this system you only need 2

    So are CFD's generally good for town? Or are they generally bad for town?

    I think they're usually not bad for town because of the amount of extra information town gets out of the flip from a CFD

    Although a clear downside for town is that it lets a very small number of players heavily manipulate the flip for a day when you have two entrenched trains.
    And that one can definitely be seen as a big boon to wolves.
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