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  1. [Mechanics] ►►Tiebreaker possibly not working, game stopped working night 13 into day 14.◄◄

    I was acting as Aaronsarmy 1-S2-1-550011 in this replay.
    Name: -Mafia- (157).SC2Replay
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    In this replay, The game came down to A confirmed veteran(myself), a citizen(3), an auditor(11), and lastly a jester turned scumbag(15)
    We couldn't lynch each other because it was a tied vote, but the game just kept going instead of what I would guess is supposed to decide the victory based on faction hierarchy? That never happened and we just kept the vote tied until 3 got tired of it and we gave up, only for the game to stop working that very night.
    Name: DAY14.PNG
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    screenshot is what I last saw before I F10+Q'd after waiting a couple minutes for the next day.
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