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    ►►Bodhisattva: 1-S2-1-1189120◄◄

    Account Name: Bodhisattva
    Account ID: 1-S2-1-1189120
    Your Server: NA
    Approximate Points: 42,500

    SC2 froze/crashed because I was tabbing in and out spastically. Didn't realize it could affect Mafia.

    Which admin is willing to help me with this restore? Give me a time frame of when you're available ~ thanks
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    {Watch List} ►►Re: Bodhisattva: 1-S2-1-1189120◄◄

    Furthermore, it seems like 20% of all mafia players use language like "RAPE" and "NIGGER" consistently, and they never get banned or watch listed. I'm not saying they should. I'm saying it's unfair to single out one person for doing something so many others do. Picking out one weed doesn't make the garden weedless, and they will always grow back.
    There's countless people who spam, countless people who role quit, countless people who use vulgar language (in an ironic manner), and there's countless people who talk about numbers and their roles during lag screens (most are joking like me, but some are serious which is cheating)...

    In conclusion "1 is always mafia" is an obvious joke, ask ANY mafia player and they will agree. I understand how "14 is BD... town on 14" is closer to lag cheating, I'd like to see the screenshot of that, because I never say things like that during lag screen. I don't cheat. I don't like cheating, it defeats the purpose of the game.

    I've played mafia over 5 years (maybe closer to 10) and I've never intentionally gamethrew or cheated. I'm hoping to get this unreasonable ban removed or a real explanation as to how I was cheating. Thanks.
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    {Watch List} ►►Re: Bodhisattva: 1-S2-1-1189120◄◄

    "1 is always mafia" is an obvious joke in itself... It's obviously not a fact and even a brand new player can realize this. I've been saying "1 is always mafia" in lag screens for years, it never affected a single game I'm in. It only made people laugh. (And by far I'm not the only one who says things like this in lag screens/in game) There have been games (where I never said "1 is always mafia") where town decides to random vote 1 because they just want to vote like a mad mob (commonly), but most of the time there's no resulting lynch. Realize the emphasis is on always... the numbers are never correlated with roles. So it doesn't make sense why this is called cheating.

    As for the "14 is not BD... town on 14", I don't remember saying that and I can't access the screenshots to see it for myself. If someone is bus driver, they can easily prove themselves in 1 night. So if 14 claimed bus driver, there's nothing wrong with going against his claim as he can quickly prove it.

    I've never had any intention to cheat, I have never cheated. I've made a mistake once of typing ", the Mayor, has revealed himself! and didn't acknowledge it's a joke. I assumed it would be obvious that it's fake, but didn't consider new players might not discern the difference. I realized the mistake immediately after. I've also intentionally copied someone's name & color, and obviously soon realized that's not good for the game. I've made mistakes, but like a normal human I learn and improve myself.

    I've been playing SC2 mafia for over 5 years, this should prove I'm not a cheater. If you seriously think saying "1 is always mafia" is cheating, I won't say it, but I urge you to at least see the humor in it; understand it's not intentional cheating.

    I'm asking to remove the ban, or at least provide a logical explanation for how I was cheating. If you call what I did cheating, you may as well ban 1/4th of all mafia players.
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