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    Sticky: ►►Welcome to the 2.0 Expansion Forum◄◄


    We are finally approaching being able to publicly launch our test map for the big 2.0 update. This update has a slew of changes including:
    New Loading Screen
    7.5 New Roles
    Reclassification of Certain Roles into Randoms
    UI Updates
    New Models

    This forum will be dedicated to collecting feedback, errors issues and bugs found during live lobbies of the test map.

    Please ensure you use the prefix in which your feedback or bug report is about - there should be a prefix for each role and a subset of miscellaneous ones.

    If you have encountered a bug with the live version of the map please post it in the existing bug forum.

    The Date in which live testing is scheduled to begin will be announced in the news forum.

    Warning: The Test Map and the Live Map share the SAME BANK so please back up your bank before playing just in case there is an issue to prevent a restoration being required. There is a guide on how to do this -> here.

    When reporting issues on this forum please be as detailed as possible and include screenshots and replays to help us best identify what happened and why.

    Please Note: -prefer is intentionally disabled on the new map to give everyone a fair shot at the new roles!

    Thanks for helping us make this update as smooth as possible!
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