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    Sticky: [Other] ►►Mafia Bug Reports Forum Specific Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING -◄◄

    All Global Forum Rules (listed here) apply to Mafia Bug Reports.

    In addition to the Global Rules:

    • As Mafia Bug Report posts are counted in your post counts, multiple posts in a row will be deleted and edited into the first and a warning will be issued. If you continue to repeat this behavior, infractions will be handed out.
      Frequently posting short, pointless comments will also earn you a warning or infraction, depending on your history.
      Possible Infractions: Post Farming - 1 point
    • Posting a bug similar to a {Solved}/{Ignored} thread will result in your thread being deleted.
      Possible Infractions: None.
    • Posting a bug similar to an {Unsolved}/Unmarked thread will be merged. So keep an eye out for your post.
      Possible Infractions: None.
    • A replay is required for each bug report you posted, even if it is easily recreatable. We need the replays for log-keeper purposes. A warning will be issued before your topic is deleted. You may accompany a replay with a screenshot if you wish.
      Possible Infractions: None.
    • Bug reports is strictly for the discussion of bugs and bugs only, off topic posts will be deleted.
      Possible Infractions: None.

    If you see a bug marked as resolved but still see it occur in game, please make a new thread provided there is not already one open.
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